Plesiomorphon Torleya/g2

(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna Bidentiseta Furcatergaliae  
Hyrtanella/f1-Torleya/g1 - pm.Torleya/g2)

Nomen hierarchicum: Torleya/g2 [g:1917] (sine Teloganopsis, Crinitella, Uracanthella, Amurella; incl. Serratella 

In circumscription fits:

plesiomorphon Torleya/g2: Kluge 2004: 312

Nominal taxa included:  

Serratella/g [g:1959]

Vittapallia/g [g:2008]

Quatica/g [g:2008]  

References. Allen & Edmunds 1963b (Serratella): ' '; Kluge 1997: *; Kluge 2004: * * * *

Plesiomorphies of Torleya/g2. Unlike Teloganopsis and Hyrtanella/f2=Crinitella/g1, hind wing without prominent costal projection and with Sc terminating near apex (Kluge 2004: Fig.90:B) (as in all other Ephemerella/fg2). Unlike Uracanthella, maxilla retains biting structure with well-developed canines (Ikonomov 1961: Fig.3:13). Unlike Amurella, larval abdominal terga either with paired projections [see Ephemerella/fg1 (19)], or without projections, but never have unpaired projections.

Variable characters of Torleya/g2. Tergalii III [anteriormost see Ephemerella/fg3 (1)] can have normal size, or more or less strongly enlarged and form gill opercula covering the rest pairs of tergalii; the same variability in Hyrtanella/f2=Crinitella/g1.

Size. Fore wing length 510 mm.

Distribution. Holarctic and Oriental Region.

Nominal species in Torleya/g2:  

aeneus Pictet 1843 [Potamanthus] syn.subj. ignita [Ephemera]

altana Allen 1968 [Ephemerella] syn.subj. micheneri [Ephemerella]

andaluciaca Kazanci 1990 [Drunella] syn.subj. ikonomovi [Ephemerella]

angusta Traver 1934 [Ephemerella] syn.subj. tibialis [Ephemerella]

angustata Berner 1950 [Ephemerella] syn.subj. tibialis [Ephemerella]

antuensis Su & You 1989 [Ephemerella (Ephemerella)] syn.subj. ignita [Ephemera]

arenosa Tong & Dudgeon 2000 [Torleya] syn.subj. nepalica [Ephemerella (Torleya)]

belgica Lestage 1917 [Torleya] typus nominis Torleya syn.subj. major [Ephemerella]

brevicauda Jacobus & Zhou & McCafferty 2009 [Serratella]

carolina Berner & Allen 1961 [Ephemerella (Serratella)] syn.subj. serrata [Ephemerella]

chantauense [Ephemerella] (in litt.) ,,--/

cornutus Gose 1980 [Ephemerella (Ephemerella)] nom.praeocc. syn.obj. tsuno [Serratella

diluta Stephens 1835 [Ephemera] syn.subj. ignita [Ephemera]

elissa Jacobus & Zhou & McCafferty 2009 [Serratella]

erythrophthalma Schrank 1798 [Ephemera] syn.subj. ignita [Ephemera]

frisoni McDunnough 1927 [Ephemerella]

gibbus Pictet 1843 [Potamanthus] syn.subj. ignita [Ephemera]

glareosa Kang & Yang 1995 [Torleya] syn.subj. nepalica [Ephemerella (Torleya)]

grandipennis Zhou & Su & Hong 2000 [Torleya]

ignita Poda 1761 [Ephemera] --/

ikonomovi Puthz 1971 [Ephemerella] typus nominis Quatica

imanishii Gose 1980 [Ephemerella (Ephemerella)] nom. praeocc.   syn.obj. occiprens [Serratella]

ishiwatai Gose 1980 [Ephemerella (Ephemerella)]

japonica Gose 1980 [Ephemerella (Torleya)]

karasuensis Kustareva 1976 [Drunella] syn.subj. ignita [Ephemera]

karia Kazanci 1990 [Drunella]

kogistana [Ephemerella] (in litt.) --/

lactata Bengtsson 1909 [Ephemerella] syn.subj. ignita [Ephemera]

lacuna Jacobus & McCafferty & Sites 2007 [Crinitella]

levis Day 1954 [Ephemerella]

lutosa Kang & Yang 1995 [Torleya]

maculocaudata Ikonomov 1961 [Ephemerella] --/

major Klapálek 1905 [Ephemerella] ,,

micheneri Traver 1934 [Ephemerella]   -

mikhaili Tiunova 1995 [Torleya] ,

naga Jacobus & McCafferty (in Jacobus & Zhou & McCafferty) 2004 [Torleya]

nazarita Alba-Tercedor & Derka 2003 [Torleya]

nepalica Allen & Edmunds 1963 [Ephemerella (Torleya)]

nigrosetosa Bengtsson 1917 [Ephemerella torrentium] syn.subj. ignita [Ephemera]

nuda Tshernova 1949 [Ephemerella] --/

obscura Stephens 1835 [Baetis] syn.subj. ignita [Ephemera]

obscura Bengtsson 1917 [Ephemerella torrentium] syn.subj. ignita [Ephemera]

 occiprens Jacobus & McCafferty 2008 [Serratella

padunica Kazlauskas 1963 [Ephemerella (Torleya)] ,-

paradinasi Gonzalez-del-Tanago & Garcia-de-Jalon 1981 [Drunella] -

rosea Stephens 1835 [Ephemera] syn.subj. ignita [Ephemera]

rufescens Stephens 1835 [Ephemera] syn.subj. ignita [Ephemera]

rufescens Bengtsson 1917 [Ephemerella torrentium] syn.subj. ignita [Ephemera]

sequoia Allen & Collins 1968 [Ephemerella] syn.subj. tibialis [Ephemerella]

serrata Morgan 1911 [Ephemerella] typus nominis Serratella

serratoides McDunnough 1931 [Ephemerella] ,-

setigera Bajkova 1965 [Ephemerella] --/

sibirica Tshernova 1952 [Ephemerella] syn.subj. ignita [Ephemera]

sordida McDunnough 1925 [Ephemerella] syn.subj. serrata [Ephemerella]

spiculosa Berner & Allen 1961 [Ephemerella] syn.subj. serrata [Ephemerella]

spinosa Ikonomov 1961 [Ephemerella] nom.praeocc. syn.obj. ikonomovi [Ephemerella]

subsolana Allen 1973 [Ephemerella (Serratella)]

thymalli Tshernova 1952 [Ephemerella] --/

tibialis McDunnough 1924 [Ephemerella] typus nominis Vittapallia

torrentium Bengtsson 1917 [Ephemerella] syn.subj. ignita [Ephemera]

 tsuno Jacobus & McCafferty 2008 [Serratella

tumiforceps Zhou & Su 1997 [Serratella] syn.subj. nepalica [Ephemerella (Torleya)]

uenoi Allen & Edmunds 1963 [Ephemerella (Drunella)]

undatella Allen 1971 [Ephemerella (Acerella)] syn.obj. uenoi [Ephemerella (Drunella)]

variegata Bengtsson 1917 [Ephemerella torrentium] syn.subj. ignita [Ephemera]

verrucosa Kluge 1980 [Ephemerella] --/

zapekinae Bajkova 1967 [Ephemerella] --/

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