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... Kimminsula/g1 - Petersula)

Nomen hierarchicum: Petersula/g(1) [g:1984]

In circumscription fits:

 Petersula Sivaramakrishnan 1984: 194

References. Sivaramakrishnan 1984:

Autapomorphies of Petersula.

() Penis lobes are deeply divides, each has following unique structure. In imago, apex of penial lobe is stretched, forming a pointed process directed ventrally-medially; this process is crescent-shaped in cross section, thus having a groove on its caudal side; this groove represents a continuation of gonopore. On protopenis of larva, apex of each penial lobe already has the process directed ventrally-medially, but without the groove. By presence of a pair of pointed processes directed ventrally-medially, Petersula resembles Kimminsula/g?2, but in  Kimminsula/g?2 these processes have no grooves and are absent in larva.

() On each tergalius [bilamellate see Leptophlebia/fg1 (10)] each lamella is cardaic-shaped, with pointed apex and margins bearing numerous non-branched and branched filamentous processes. Tergalii IVI are always well-developed, tergalii VII are either much smaller (in courtallensis [P.] and most individuals of agembeensis), or absent (in rufa and selected individuals of courtalensis).


Characters of Petersula of unclear phylogenetic status. 


() Tergalii I do not participate in respiratory movement: when tergalii IIVII make rhythmical respiratory movements, they are immovably projected backward. The same in some other taxa (see Index of characters [1.3.33]). In other respects all tergalii of pairs IVII are similar [see ()].

Plesiomorphies of Petersula.


Variable characters of Petersula.

() Presence of patella-tibial suture (which is conservative in most mayfly taxa see Index of characters [1.2.18], ibid. [2.2.74], [], [2.2.82]) varies among species of Petersula: in rufa sp.n. it is absent on fore legs and present on middle and hind legs of larva, subimago and imago (as in the primitive condition); in courtallensis [P.] and agumbeensis sp. it is present on all legs of larva, but absent on all legs of subimago and imago. Among other mayflies, patella-tibial suture is present on larval fore legs only in Anteropatellata and Rhithrogena/fg3.

Size. Fore wing length 713 mm.

Distribution. Southern India.

Nominal species in Petersula/g(1):

courtallensis Sivaramakrishnan 1984 [Petersula] typus nominis Petersula --/

nathani Sivaramakrishnan & Hubbard 1984 [Petersula]

Examined also:

sp.n. (India) --/

sp.n. (India) --/

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