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... Kimminsula/g1 - Petersula)

Nomen hierarchicum: Petersula/g(1) [g:1984]

In circumscription fits:

 Petersula Sivaramakrishnan 1984: 194

References. Sivaramakrishnan 1984:

Autapomorphies of Petersula.

() Penis lobes are deeply divides, each has following unique structure. In imago, apex of penial lobe is stretched, forming a pointed process directed ventrally-medially; this process is crescent-shaped in cross section, thus having a groove on its caudal side; this groove represents a continuation of gonopore. On protopenis of larva, apex of each penial lobe already has the process directed ventrally-medially, but without the groove. By presence of a pair of pointed processes directed ventrally-medially, Petersula resembles Kimminsula/g?2, but in  Kimminsula/g?2 these processes have no grooves and are absent in larva.

() On each tergalius [bilamellate see Leptophlebia/fg1 (10)] each lamella is cardaic-shaped, with pointed apex and margins bearing numerous non-branched and branched filamentous processes. Tergalii IVI are always well-developed, tergalii VII are either much smaller (in courtallensis [P.] and most individuals of agembeensis), or absent (in rufa and selected individuals of courtalensis).


Characters of Petersula of unclear phylogenetic status. 


() Tergalii I do not participate in respiratory movement: when tergalii IIVII make rhythmical respiratory movements, they are immovably projected backward. The same in some other taxa (see Index of characters [1.3.33]). In other respects all tergalii of pairs IVII are similar [see ()].

Plesiomorphies of Petersula.


Variable characters of Petersula.

() Presence of patella-tibial suture (which is conservative in most mayfly taxa see Index of characters [1.2.18], ibid. [2.2.74], [], [2.2.82]) varies among species of Petersula: in rufa sp.n. it is absent on fore legs and present on middle and hind legs of larva, subimago and imago (as in the primitive condition); in courtallensis [P.] and agumbeensis sp. it is present on all legs of larva, but absent on all legs of subimago and imago. Among other mayflies, patella tibial suture is present on larval fore legs only in Anteropatellata and Rhithrogena/fg3.

Size. Fore wing length 713 mm.

Distribution. Southern India.

Nominal species in Petersula/g(1):

courtallensis Sivaramakrishnan 1984 [Petersula] typus nominis Petersula --/

nathani Sivaramakrishnan & Hubbard 1984 [Petersula]

Examined also:

sp.n. (India) --/

sp.n. (India) --/

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