(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna pm.Tridentiseta  
Tetramerotarsata Liberevenata Turbanoculata
 Anteropatellata Baetovectata Baetungulata - Camelobaetidius/g1)

Nomen hierarchicum: Camelobaetidius/g1 [g:1966] (incl. Dactylobaetis)

In circumscription fits:

 gen. Camelobaetidius: McCafferty & Waltz 1990: 777 

Nominal taxa included: 

Dactylobaetis/g(1) [g:1968]

Corinna/g [2005] nom.praeocc., syn.obj. Corinnella

Corinnella/g [2005]

Tapajobaetis/g [g:2007]

References. McCafferty & Waltz 1990 Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty 1995: * *; ...?

Autapomorphies of Camelobaetidius/g1.

(1) Claw and tarsus are strongly modified. Claw [with one row of denticles see Baetungulata (2)] is more or less triangular or trapezium-like, thus its inner margin is directed more or less distally; denticles (which number is 545) are situated in one row on this distal margin, thus claw has brush-like shape; the largest denticle which corresponds to initial apex of the claw, is situated on the corner of claw directed posteriorly. On surface of inner side of claw, locates a sharply outlined triangular sclerite, whose proximal angle is articulated with unguitractor, and opposite (distal) side is parallel to the row of denticles (Salles & Pereira & Serrano 2005: Fig. 17) [Traver & Edmunds (1968) wrongly described and figured this external sclerite as an internal "tendon-like extension"]. Tarsus is more or less arched.

Characters of Camelobaetidius/g1 of unclear phylogenetic status. 

() Hind wing [see Turbanoculata (10)] is not wide (narrower than in Baetis/fg9, but wider than in Acentrella/g2), with 2 longitudinal unforked veins only, costal projection small, pointed, non-hooked; on fore margin distally to the costal projection, a gentle convexity is present. The same in Acerpenna

() Anteronotal protuberance is sharply projected (Boldrini & Salles & Olivera Pes 2010) (see Index of characters [2.2.5]).

() 2nd segment of labial palp wider than 3rd or with inner-apical projection, its shape is species-specific. The same in some other Tetramerotarsata (see Index of characters [1.1.58]).

() Larval antennae bases are not turned together, frons between them does not form a keel (see Index of characters [1.1.3]).

() In larva, medially to base of each coxa a gill process can be present (the same in some other Turbanoculata see Index of characters [1.2.12]).

() Larval abdominal terga lack wide scales [see Turbanoculata (12)] (see Index of characters [1.3.4]).

Plesiomorphies of Camelobaetidius/g1.

Prostheca of right mandible (as well as left one) stick-shape, denticulate apically, close to kinetodontium [see Turbanoculata (5)].

??In mature larva ready to moult to subimago, buds of subimaginal gonostyli are folded under larval cuticle by the "Nigrobaetis-type": 2nd segment of gonostylus is directed posteriorly and curved by its convexity medially and by apex laterally [see Baetovectata (2)] (see Index of characters [2.3.9])??.

Paracercus ...??

Size. Fore wing length 48 mm (see Tetramerotarsata).

Distribution. America (dominate in Neotropical Region).

The taxon Camelobaetidius/g1 is divided into:


1. Camelobaetidius/g2 

ipaye Nieto 2003 [Camelobaetidius]  

leentvaari Demoulin 1966 [Camelobaetidius]  typus nominis Camelobaetidius  

mantis Traver & Edmunds 1968 [Camelobaetidius]   syn.subj. leentvaari [Camelobaetidius]


2. plesiomorphon Dactylobaetis/g(1)

anubis Traver & Edmunds 1968 [Dactylobaetis]

apis Nieto 2003 [Camelobaetidius]  

arriaga Traver & Edmunds 1968 [Dactylobaetis]  

baumgardneri Boldrini (in Boldrini & Pes) 2014 [Camelobaetidius]

billi Thomas & Dominique (in Dominique & Thomas & Orth & Dauta) 2000 [Camelobaetidius]  

carolinae Boldrini (in Boldrini & Pes) 2014 [Camelobaetidius]

cayumba Traver & Edmunds 1968 [Dactylobaetis]  

cepheus Traver & Edmunds 1968 [Dactylobaetis] syn.subj. warreni [Dactylobaetis

chiapas Traver & Edmunds 1968 [Dactylobaetis] syn.subj. arriaga [Dactylobaetis

cruzi Boldrini (in Boldrini & Pes) 2014 [Camelobaetidius]

edmundsi Dominique & Thomas & Mathuriau (in Dominique & Mathuriau & Thomas) 2001 [Camelobaetidius]

eximia Dominique & Thomas 2005 [Corinna]

francischettii Salles & Andrade & Da-Silva 2005 [Camelobaetidius]  

guaycara Sibaja-Araya & Esquivel 2018 [Camelobaetidius]

hamadae Salles & Serrao 2005 [Camelobaetidius]  

huarpe Nieto 2003 [Camelobaetidius]

janae Thomas & Dominique (in Dominique & Thomas & Orth & Dauta) 2000 [Camelobaetidius]  

jenseni Traver & Edmunds 1968 [Dactylobaetis] syn.subj. arriaga [Dactylobaetis

juparana Boldrini & Pes & Francischetti & Salles 2012 [Camelobaetidius]  

kickapoo McCafferty 2000 [Camelobaetidius]  

kondratieffi Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty 1995 [Camelobaetidius]  --/

lassance Salles & Serrao 2005 [Camelobaetidius]  

labiosus Boldrini1 & Salles (in Boldrini1 & Pes & Salles) 2017 [Tapajobaetis]   typus nominis Tapajobaetis

lourii Salles & Victoriano & Boldrini & Cabette 2017 [Corinnella]

maidu Jacobus & McCafferty 2005 [Camelobaetidius]  

maranhensis Salles & Serrao 2005 [Camelobaetidius]  

mathuriae Dominique & Thomas (in Dominique & Mathuriau & Thomas) 2001 [Camelobaetidius]  

matilei Thomas & Peru & Horeau 2001 [Camelobaetidius]  

mexicanus Traver & Edmunds 1968 [Dactylobaetis]  

musseri Traver & Edmunds 1968 [Dactylobaetis]   --/

navis Allen & Chao 1978 [Dactylobaetis] syn.subj. warreni [Dactylobaetis

octomaculatus  [Camelobaetidius] in litt. --/

ortizi Dominique & Thomas 2001 [Camelobaetidius]   --/

patricki Dominique & Thomas (in Dominique & Mathurai & Thomas) 2001 [Camelobaetidius]  

penai Traver & Edmunds 1968 [Dactylobaetis]  

phaedrus Traver & Edmunds 1968 [Dactylobaetis]  

salinus Allen & Chao 1978 [Dactylobaetis] syn.subj. musseri [Dactylobaetis

sallesi Boldrini (in Boldrini & Pes) 2014 [Camelobaetidius]

serapis Traver & Edmunds 1968 [Dactylobaetis]  

shepardi Randolph & McCafferty 2001 [Camelobaetidius]  

similis Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty 1995 [Camelobaetidius] syn.subj. warreni [Dactylobaetis

sinaloa Allen & Murvosh 1987 [Dactylobaetis] syn.subj. musseri [Dactylobaetis

spinosus Boldrini & Pes & Francischetti & Salles 2012 [Camelobaetidius]

suapi Nieto 2002 [Camelobaetidius]  

tepequensis Boldrini (in Boldrini & Pes) 2014 [Camelobaetidius]

thomasi Boldrini & Salles (in Boldrini & Salles & Pes) 2013 [Corinnella]

trivialis Allen & Chao 1978 [Dactylobaetis] syn.subj. warreni [Dactylobaetis]

tuberosus Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty 1999 [Camelobaetidius]  

variabilis Wiersema 1998 [Camelobaetidius]  

waltzi McCafferty (in McCafferty & Klubertanz) 1994 [Camelobaetidius]  

warreni Traver & Edmunds 1968 [Dactylobaetis]  

yacutinga Nieto 2003 [Camelobaetidius]  

zenobia Traver & Edmunds 1968 [Dactylobaetis] syn.subj. warreni [Dactylobaetis]

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sp.n. (Peru) --/

spp.n. (Panama) --/

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