(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna Bidentiseta Furcatergaliae  
Ephemerella/fg1 Pantricorythi Tricoryptera Afrotricorythi Tricorygnatha - Sparsorythus)

Nomen hierarchicum: Sparsorythus/g(1) [g:2008] 

In circumscription fits:

 gen. Spartsorythus Sroka & Soldan 2008: 315

References. Sroka & Soldan 2008:XI.Cof.Eph.*:

Autapomorphies of Sparsorythus.

(1) Maxillary palp [muscle-less see Ephemerella/fg1 (1), elongated see Tricorygnatha (1)] is completely lost. Non-unique apomorphy (see Index of characters [1.1.41]), but not found in other Tricorygnatha. As larvula of Tricorygnatha has no maxillary palp [see Tricorygnatha (1)] (Kluge 2010: Fig.33), and in all cases maxillary palp is muscle-less, the loss of maxillary palp can be repeatable.

(2) Genitals of all known species have similar structure: penis narrow, with slightly widened apical part, with apical cleft very small; 1st segment of gonostylus relatively short (Kluge 2010: Fig.81-82).

Size. Larval body length 38 mm.

Distribution. Oriental Region.

Nominal species in Sparsorythus/g(1):

bifurcatus Sroka & Soldan 2008 [Sparsorythus] typus nominis Sparsorythus

buntawensis Batucan & Nuñeza & Lin (in Batucan & Nuñeza  & Villanueva & Lin) 2017 [Sparsorythus]

celebensis Kluge 2010 [Tricorythus (Sparsorythus)] --/

ceylonicus Sroka & Soldan 2008 [Sparsorythus]

dongnai Sroka & Soldan 2008 [Sparsorythus]

gracilis Sroka & Soldan 2008 [Sparsorythus]

grandis Sroka & Soldan 2008 [Sparsorythus]

jacobsoni Ulmer 1913 [Tricorythus] , , //

multilabecularis Sroka & Soldan 2008 [Sparsorythus]

sescarorum Garces & Bauernfeind & Freitag 2018 [Sparsorythus]

sivaramakrishnani Sivaruban & Srinivasan & Barathy & Bernarth-rosi & Isack 2021 [Sparsorythus]

Examined also:

sp. (Java)

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