(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna Bidentiseta Furcatergaliae  
Fimbriatotergaliae Fossoriae Ephemera/fg9
Hexagenia/g1Ephemera/fg10 - Ephemera/fg11)

Nomen hierarchicum: Ephemera/fg11 [f:1810; g:1758] (sine Sinephemera, Afromera)

In circumscription fits:

Ephemera/fg11: Kluge 2004: 236

Nominal taxon included: Nirvius/g [g:1922]

Reference. Kluge 2004: * * *

Autapomorphy of Ephemera/fg11.

(1) Penis has a pair of titillators of unique structure: each titillator arises ventrally near penis base and is directed distally, along membranous concavity of ventral penis surface; titillator represents a sclerotized lamella rolled forming a tube; thus, titillator looks as a smooth spine round in cross section; it is arched medially, with pointed apex (Kluge 2004: Fig.72:B). Larval protopenis has no any external titillator buds; subimaginal penis is identical to imaginal one, with just the same rolled titillators. In other Ephemera/fg10 penis also can have projections mediad of ventral sclerotized wall, but they are not rolled in such manner.

Plesiomorphies of Ephemera/fg11. Unlike Afromera, mesonotal suture is moderately stretched posteriorly, and subimaginal mesonotal cuticle has pigmented areas of characteristic shape [see Fimbriatotergaliae (2)]: pigmented microtrichia-bearing area anteriad of mesonotal suture occupies only a part of submedioscutum and is rounded posteriorly.

Size. Fore wing length 820 mm.

Distribution. Holarctic, Oriental and Afrotropical Regions; dominate in eastern Asia.

Nominal species in Ephemera/fg11:

amurensis Navás 1912 [Ephemera] syn.subj. orientalis [Ephemera]

 annandalei Chopra (in Hafiz) 1937 [Ephemera]

blanda Traver 1932 [Ephemera]

brunnea Hubbard & Peters 1978 [Ephemera]

cognata Stephens 1835 [Ephemera] syn.subj. danica [Ephemera]

communis Retzius 1783 [Ephemera] syn.subj. vulgata [Ephemera]

compar Hagen 1875 [Ephemera]

 consors Eaton 1892 [Ephemera]

danica Müller 1764 [Ephemera] ,,/

decora Walker 1853 [Ephemera] syn.subj. simulans [Ephemera]

 diffusa Chopra (in Hafiz) 1937 [Ephemera]

duporti Lestage 1921 [Ephemera]

guttulata Pictet 1843 [Ephemera]

 hainanensis Zhang & Gui & You 1995 [Ephemera] ,

hellenica Demoulin 1955 [Ephemera] ?syn.subj. lineata [Ephemera]

hispanica Rambur 1842 [Ephemera] syn.subj. vulgata [Ephemera]

 hongjiangensis Zhang & Gui & You 1995 [Ephemera]

 hunanensis You & Gui 1995 [Ephemera]

immaculata Eaton 1871 [Ephemera]

jianfengensis Zhang & Gui & You 1995 [Ephemera]

 kirinensis Hsu 1932 [Ephemera]

kuccharonis Matsumura 1931 [Ephemera] syn.subj. orientalis [Ephemera]

lineata Eaton 1870 [Ephemera] ,

 mccaffertyi Hwang & Bae 2008 [Ephemera]

maculata Villers 1789 [Ephemera] nom.praeocc. syn.subj. danica [Ephemera]

modesta Brodsky 1930 [Ephemera] syn.subj. orientalis [Ephemera]

mooiana McCafferty 1971 [Ephemera]

natata Walker 1853 [Palingenia] syn.subj. simulans [Ephemera]

orientalis McLachlan 1875 [Ephemera] ,,/

parnassiana Demoulin 1958 [Ephemera]

paulae Grandi 1956 [Ephemera] syn.subj. zettana [Ephemera]

perpallida Thomas & Dia & Parpet 2007 [Ephemera danica]

pramodi Dubey 1972 [Ephemera]

pulcherrima Eaton 1892 [Ephemera]

punctatus Navás 1922 [Nirvius] syn.subj. duporti [Ephemera]

remensa Eaton 1892 [Ephemera]

romantzovi Kluge 1988 [Ephemera] --/

 rufomaculata Zhou & Zheng 2003 [Ephemera]

sachalinensis Matsumura 1911 [Ephemera] --/

 serica Eaton 1871 [Ephemera]

 spilosa Navás 1936 [Ephemera] ,

simulans Walker 1853 [Ephemera]

striatum Ali 1970 [Ephemera] nom. praeocc. syn.obj. brunnea [Ephemera]

transbajkalica Tshernova 1973 [Ephemera] ,--,,/

traveri Spieth 1938 [Ephemera]

triplex Traver (in Needham & Traver & Hsu) 1935 [Ephemera] syn.subj. blanda [Ephemera]

varia Eaton 1883 [Ephemera]

vulgata Linnaeus 1758 [Ephemera] typus nominis Ephemera ,,/

 wanquanensis Zhang & Gui & You 1995 [Ephemera]

 wuchowensis Hsu 1937 [Ephemera]

yaoshani Hsu 1937 [Ephemera]

zettana Kimmins 1937 [Ephemera]

 zhangjiajiensis You & Gui 1995 [Ephemera] syn.subj. serica [Ephemera]

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