(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna Bidentiseta Branchitergaliae
Heptagennota Pentamerotarsata Radulapalpata Heptagenia/f5=g4 
Ecdyonurus/fg1 Atopopus/fg1 - Electrogena)

Nomen hierarchicum: Electrogena/g(1) [g:1985]

In circumscription fits:

grex lateralis: Bogoescu & Tabacaru 1962: 281

subgen. Electrogena: Kluge 1997d: 202

gen. Electrogena Zurwerra & Tomka 1985: 102

Electrogena/g(1): Kluge 2004: 183

References. Bogoescu & Tabacaru 1962 (lateralis-Gruppe): *; Zurwerra & Tomka 1985: * *; Kluge 1997d: *; Kluge 2004: * * * *

Autapomorphy of Electrogena.

(1) Penis [see Pentamerotarsata (5)] has peculiar structure: its distal paired portion is not wider or very slightly wider than proximal integral portion; each lobe (left and right) of the distal portion lost apical incision separating ventral and outer sclerites, so that its ventral surface is integral and smooth, and apical margin is evenly roundish in ventral view; latero-dorsal spines are lost (Bogoescu & Tabacaru 1962: Fig.5A-F). Unlike Afronurus/g1, there are retained well-developed titillators contiguous medially.

In most of other Ecdyonurus/fg1 penis has stronger widened distal part, apically with a pair of incisions between ventral and outer sclerites and/or with laterodorsal spines; in some Oriental taxa of Atopopus/fg1 (Ecdyonuroides and some others) penis is similar to that of Electrogena, but either retains apical incisions, or has both lobes fused nearly up to apex, or has other difference from Electrogena.

Size. Fore wing length 715 mm.

Distribution. Western Palaearctic Europe, Asia Minor, Caucasus.

Nominal species in Electrogena/g(1):  

 affinis Eaton 1885 [Ecdyurus] --/

 anatolicus Kazanci & Braasch 1986 [Ecdyonurus]

 antalyensis Kazanci & Braasch 1986 [Ecdyonurus]

 armeniacus Braasch 1983 [Ecdyonurus]

 aspoecki Braasch 1984 [Ecdyonurus]

 azerbajdshanicus Braasch 1978 [Ecdyonurus]

 boluensis Kazanci 1990 [Electrogena]

 bothmeri Braasch 1983 [Ecdyonurus]

 braaschi Sowa 1984 [Ecdyonurus]

 brulini Wagner (in Wagner & Vuataz & Sartori) 2017 [Electrogena]

brunnea Rambur 1842 [Cloe] syn.subj. lateralis [Baetis]

 calabra Belfiore 1995 [Electrogena]

 concii Grandi 1953 [Heptagenia]

 dirmil Kazanci 1990 [Electrogena]

 fallax Hagen 1864 [Baetis]

fascioculatus Sowa 1974 [Ecdyonurus] syn.subj. affinis [Ecuonurus]

 galileae Demoulin 1973 [Ecdyonurus]

 gibedede Sroka & Godunko 2012 [Electrogena]

 golanicus Samocha [Ecdyonurus] nomen nudum syn.subj. galileae [Ecdyonurus]

 grandiae Belfiore 1981 [Ecdyonurus]

 gridellii Grandi 1954 [Heptagenia]

 hakkaricus Kazanci 1986 [Ecdyonurus]

 hellenica Zurwerra & Tomka 1986 [Electrogena]

 hyblaea Belfiore 1994 [Electrogena]

 kugleri Demoulin 1973 [Afronurus]

 kuraensis Braasch 1978 [Ecdyonurus]

lateralis Curtis 1834 [Baetis] typus nominis Electrogena

 lunaris Belfiore & Scillitani & Picariello & Cataudo 1997 [Electrogena]

 macedonica Ikonomov 1954 [Heptagenia]

 madli Kazanci 1992 [Afronurus]

 malickyi Braasch 1983 [Ecdyonurus]

 meyi Braasch 1980 [Ecdyonurus]

 monticolus Braasch 1980 [Ecdyonurus] --/

necatii Kazanci 1987 [Ecdyonurus]

 ozrensis Tanasijevic 1975 [Heptagenia]

 pseudaffinis Braasch 1980 [Ecdyonurus] --/

 pseudograndiae Zurwerra & Tomka 1986 [Electrogena] syn.subj. fallax [Baetis]

 quadrilineata Landa 1969 [Heptagenia]

 ressli Braasch 1981 [Ecdyonurus]

 rivulorum Navás 1928 [Ecdyonurus] syn.subj. lateralis [Baetis]

 rivuscellana Sartori & Landolt (in Landolt & Dethier & Malzacher & Sartori) 1991 [Electrogena] syn.subj. ujhelyii [Ecdyonurus]

 samalorum Landa (in Landa & Soldan) 1982 [Ecdyonurus] syn.subj. ujhelyii [Ecdyonurus]

 sardoa Costa 1882 [Baetis] syn.subj. fallax [Baetis]

 squamatus Braasch 1978 [Ecdyonurus] --/

 trimaculata Ikonomov 1963 [Heptagenia]

 ujhelyii Sowa 1981 [Ecdyonurus]

 vipavensis Zurwerra & Tomka 1986 [Electrogena]

 zebrata Hagen 1864 [Baetis] /,/

 zimmermanni Sowa 1984 [Ecdyonurus]

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