(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna pm.Tridentiseta  
Tetramerotarsata Liberevenata Turbanoculata
 Anteropatellata Baetovectata Baetungulata - Andesiops)

Nomen hierarchicum: Andesiops/g1 [g:1999]  

In circumscription fits:

 genus Andesiops: Nieto 2004

Nominal taxon included: Deceptiviosa/g [g:1999]   


Autapomorphies of Andesiops/g1.


Characters of Andesiops/g1 of unclear phylogenetic status. 

() Larval claw (which initially has 1 row of denticles see Baetungulata (2)] has 2 rows of denticles. Non-unique apomorphy (see Index of characters [1.2.21]).

() Hind wing [see Turbanoculata (10)] of the "Nigrobaetis-type": not narrowed, with non-curved pointed costal projection, with three longitudinal veins among which the second is bifurcate (i.e. MA arises from RA). The same in Nigrobaetis/fg1 and some others (see Index of characters [2.2.60]).

() Larval antennae bases are not turned together, frons between them does not form a keel (see Index of characters [1.1.3]).

??() Larval tibia on latero-dorsal side with a regular longitudinal row of long setae. The same in Acentrella/g1; probably convergention connected with adaptation to rheophilous mode of life.

??() In larva, scales on abdominal terga [see Turbanoculata (12)] are lost (see Index of characters [1.3.4]). ??present in D. ardua!!

??() In imago and subimago anterior protuberance of mesonotum is prominent, pointed ...?

Plesiomorphies of Andesiops/g1.

In mature larva ready to moult to subimago, buds of subimaginal gonostyli are folded under larval cuticle by the "Nigrobaetis-type": 2nd segment of gonostylus is directed posteriorly and curved by its convexity medially and by apex laterally [see Baetovectata (3)] (see Index of characters [2.3.9]).

Larval paracercus is either developed, or vestigial (see Index of characters [1.3.64])..

Size. Fore wing length 5? mm (see Tetramerotarsata).

Distribution. Neotropical Region.

Nominal species in Andesiops/g1:

angolinus Navas 1933 [Baetis]  syn.subj. peruvianus [Baetis]

ardua Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty 1999 [Deceptiviosa] -

atelobranchis [Andesiops] in litt. --/

peruvianus Ulmer 1920 [Baetis]  typus nominis Andesiops --/

torrens Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty 1999 [Deceptiviosa]  typus nominis Deceptiviosa --/

 weiseri Navas 1922 [Baetis]  syn.subj. peruvianus [Baetis]

Examined also:

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