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About the post-Linnaean principles of non-ranking systematics and nomenclature, you can read here in RUSSIAN,  in ENGLISH or in SPANISH. Several words about the HIERARCHICAL NAMES can be found if click here. Principles of non-ranking nomenclature are used in the catalogue of circumscriptional names of arthropods NOMINA CIRCUMSCRIBENTIA INSECTORUM. For the first time consistently non-ranking classification was used in the book "The phylogenetic system of Ephemeroptera"; this classification is given in the database PHYLOGENY OF PHEMEROPTERA.

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Publications by N.J. Kluge and E.A. Novikova about Ephemeroptera 

Publications by N.J. Kluge on morphology and systematics of insects other than Ephemeroptera

Publications containing new circumscriptional names

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Клюге Н.Ю. 1996. Мифы в систематике насекомых и принципы зоологической номенклатуры. // Энтомологическое обозрение 75(4): 939944.
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(this paper contains mistakes concerning circumscriptional nomenclature)

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Kluge N.J. 1999. A system of alternative nomenclatures of the supraspecific taxa. // Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie [ Revue d'Entomologie de l'URSS] 78(1): 224243 (in Russian).
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PDF ; pp116 ; figs ; Kluwer

Kluge N.J. 2007. Case 3371. Araneidae Clerck, 1758, Araneus Clerck, 1758 and Tegenaria Latreille, 1804 (Arachnida, Araneae): proposed conservation. // Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 64(1): 1518.
--- Comments... // Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 2008, 65(1): 4647.

--- Opinion 2224. // Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 2009, 66(2): 192193.

Kluge N.J. 2009. New version of the database «Ephemeroptera of the World» as the first experience of a permanent and objective web catalogue in biology. // pp 167180 In: A.H. Staniczek (ed.): International Perspectives in Mayfly and Stonefly Research (Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Ephemeroptera and the 16th International Symposium on Plecoptera, Stuttgart 2008) // Aquatic Insects, Volume 31, Supplement 1: 1739.
PDF ; HTM ; русский перевод

Kluge N.J. 2010. Circumscriptional names of higher taxa in Hexapoda. // Bionomina 1: 15–55.
PDF ; Bionomina

Клюге Н.Ю. 2012. Кладоэндезис и новый взгляд на эволюцию метаморфоза у насекомых. // Энтомологическое обозрение 91(1): 6378.
Kluge N.J. 2012. Cladoendesis and a new look at the evolution of insect metamorphosis. // Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie 91(1): 6378 (in Russian).
Kluge N.J. 2012. Cladoendesis and a new look at the evolution of insect metamorphosis. // Entomological Review 92 (6): 622632 

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Клюге Н.Ю. 2016. Строение яйцекладов и кладоэндезис прыгающих прямокрылых (Saltatoria, или Orchesopia). // Энтомологическое обозрение 95(4): 765–800.
Kluge N.J. 2016. Structure of ovipositors and cladoendesis of Saltatoria, or Orchesopia. // Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie 95(4): 765800 (in Russian).
Kluge N.J. 2016. Structure of ovipositors and cladoendesis of Saltatoria, or Orchesopia. // Entomological Review 96(8): 10151040.

Клюге Н.Ю. 2020. Систематика насекомых и принципы кладоэндезиса. В 2 томах. / Москва: Товарищество научных изданий КМК: 1–1037.
Kluge N.J. 2020. Insect systematics and principles of cladoendesis. In 2 volumes.   Moscow: KMK Scientific Press: 1–1037.

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