(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna Bidentiseta Branchitergaliae  
Eusetisura Discoglossata Geminovenata Oligoneuriella/fg1 - Oligoneuriella/fg2)

Nomen hierarchicum: Oligoneuriella/fg2 [g:1924] (sine Oligoneuriopsis)

In circumscription fits:

gen. Oligoneuriella Ulmer 1924a: 31

Oligoneuriella/g2: Kluge 2004: 141

References. Hagen 1855 (Oligoneuria rhenana): '; Eaton 1883-1888 (O. rhenana): ' '; Ulmer 1924a: *; Edmunds 1961: *; Kluge 2004: * * * *.

Autapomorphy of Oligoneuriella/fg2.

(1) On each penis lobe the proximal sclerotized process directed medially-ventrally [see Oligoneuriella/g1 (1)] is saddle-shaped, curved distally and sclerotized in such a manner that its median side is membranous, and a boundary between the sclerotized and the membranous areas is dentate; thus it looks as if this process has two rows of denticles a medial-dorsal and medial-ventral ones (Kluge 2004: Fig.46:B, 47:A).

Size. Fore wing length 916 mm.

Distribution. Palaearctic; all species in Western Palaearctic, only one of them pallida [O.] all over Palaearctic.

Nominal species in Oligoneuriella/fg2: 

baskale Soldán & Landa 1977 [Oligoneuriella] syn.subj. tskhomelidzei [Oligoneuriella]

duerensis Gonzalez & Garcia 1983 [Oligoneuriella]  

garumnica Joly 1873 [Oligoneuria] syn.subj. rhenana [Oligoneuria]

keffermullerae Sowa 1973 [Oligoneuriella]  

marichuae Alba-Tercedor 1983 [Oligoneuriella]

mikulskii Sowa 1961 [Oligoneuriella] syn.subj. pallida [Oligoneuria]

mongolica Soldán & Landa 1977 [Oligoneuriella] syn.subj. pallida [Oligoneuria]

pallida Hagen 1855 [Oligoneuria] --/

pectinata Bojkova & Soldan (in Sroka & Bojkova & Soldan & Godunko) 2015 [Oligoneuriella]

poecile Ikonomov 1962 [Oligoneuriella] syn.subj. pallida [Oligoneuria]

rhenana Imhoff 1852 [Oligoneuria] ,/

skoura Dakki & Guidicelli 1980 [Oligoneuriella]

tskhomelidzei Sowa & Zosidze 1973 [Oligoneuriella] --/

yugoslavica Ikonomov [Oligoneuriella] nomen nudum syn.subj. pallida [Oligoneuria

zanga Soldán & Landa 1977 [Oligoneuriella] syn.subj. tskhomelidzei [Oligoneuriella]

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