Kluge 2004: Fig.46

Figure 46. Discoglossata-Geminovenata-Oligoneuriella/g2

AB Oligoneuriella/g2 pallida [Oligoneuria]: A right half of imaginal mesonotum; B longitudinal median section of male imaginal abdominal segments IX and X with genitals, telescopic lobe protracted. CD Oligoneuriella/g2 tskhomelidzei [Oligoneuriella]:C pterothorax, lateral view; D the same, ventral view (nerve ganglions shown by interrupted lines).

Abbreviations: a primary point of joining of posterior arm of prealar bridge with scutum, PAB secondary dorso-posterior arm of prealar bridge; AES anepisternum; FSp furcasternal protuberance; gsty gonostylus; KES katepisternum; p:l lateral longitudinal sclerotized lobe of penis; p:m median telescopic lobe of penis; p:pr proximal part of penis; PCxsA anterior paracoxal suture.