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Choroterpes/fg1 -

Nomen hierarchicum: Sangpradubina/g(1) [g:2016]

In circumscription fits:

— gen. Sangpradubina: Boonsoong & Sartori 2016: 588

References. Boonsoong & Sartori 2016: ; – Kluge (in litt.): eggs

Characters of Sangpradubina of unclear phylogenetic status. 

(1) Larval fore- and middle femora each with dense rows of long setae on outer margin. The same in Indialis/g1 (see Index of characters [1.2.51]).

(2) Tergalius I single, consisting of slender lamella [see Choroterpes/fg1 (1)].

(3) Each tergalius II–VII with dorsal and ventral lamellae bearing many (4–12) processes. Among Choroterpes/fg1, the same in Thraulus/g1 and Nonnullidens/g1, but not in Choroterpes/fg2 (see Index of characters [1.3.23]).

(4) Each penis lobe has an apical projection dorsad of gonopore; this projection stretches in distal direction and bears fine colorless denticles. Just the same genital structure in Choroterpes/fg2.

(5) Egg with relief different from that of Choroterpes/fg2 [compare with Choroterpes/fg2 (1)]: each papilla is a surrounded only by 2 longitudinal ridges (Fig.).

(6) Number of intercalaries between CuA and CuP [which is initially 2 – see Leptophlebia/fg1 (7)] is increased to 5. The same in Choroterpes/fg2.

Size. Fore wing length 5–7 mm.

Distribution. Thailand.

Nominal species in Sangpradubina/g(1):

thailandica Boonsoong & Sartori 2016 [Sangpradubina] — typus nominis Sangpradubina --/

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