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...  Choroterpes/fg1 - Nonnullidens/g1

Nomen hierarchicum:  Nonnullidens/g [g:1993]  

In circumscription fits:

— genn. Nonnullidens & Barba Grant & Peters 1993

Nominal taxon included: Barba/g [g:1993]

References. Grant & Peters 1993: , ; Kluge 2013: ,

Autapomorphies of Nonnullidens/g1.

(1) Larval claw short, with prominent inner margin bearing a few denticles (Peters & Tsui 1972: Figs 49, 50; Grant & Peters 1993: Figs 62, 63; Kluge 2013: Fig.2).

Characters of Nonnullidens/g1 of unclear phylogenetic status. 

(2) Tergalius I similar to tergalii II-VII (unlike Thraulus/g1 and Choroterpes/fg2); each tergalius has dorsal lamella plate-like and terminating by many filaments (as in Thraulus/g1); ventral lamella similar, but smaller (unlike Thraulus/g1, where it is not smaller); ventral lamella of tergalius I either developed (in billhilli [Nonnullidens], mariae [Thraulus], variegatus [N.], niger [N.]) or lost (reductus [N.], depapricus [N.]) (Kluge 2012: Fig.4-6, 23-26, 32-34, 43-44). In spite of morphological similarity between tergalius I and tergalii II–VII, they have different mobility: tergalii I are always immovably directed backward, while tergalii II–VII are able to make rhythmical respiratory movements.

Plesiomorphies of Nonnullidens/g1.

Eggs lack ridges characteristic for Choroterpes/fg2 or Thraulus/g1, lack papillae (unlike Choroterpes/fg2) and lack threads (unlike Thraulus/g1); they either are entirely smooth (niger [N.] and [reductus [N.]), or with groups of simple tubercles (variegatus [N.]) (Kluge 2013: Fig.11-12).

Size. Fore wing length 5–9 mm.

Distribution. New Guinea.

Nominal species in Nonnullidens/g1

billhilli Grant & Peters 1993 [Nonnullidens]

depapricus Kluge 2013 [Nonnullidens] /

hsui Peters & Tsui 1972 [Thraulis] — typus nominis Nonnullidens

niger Kluge 2013 [Nonnullidens] --/

mariae Peters & Tsui 1972 [Thraulus] — typus nominis Barba

reductus Kluge 2013 [Nonnullidens] --/

variegatus Kluge 2013 [Nonnullidens] --/

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