Typified names:

Ostrapoda Straus 1821

NOMEN: Ostrapoda Straus 1821: 58 [H.E. Straus. Memoire sur les Cypris, de la classe des Crustaces. - Memoires du Museum d'Histoiore Naturelle. Paris, 1821, 7: 33-61, pl.1]

ORIGINAL SPELLING (Straus 1821): Ostrapodes (in French)

SUBSEQUENT SPELLING (Latreille 1829): Ostrapoda (in Latin)

ORIGINAL LISTED MEMBERSHIP (Straus 1821): Cythere + Cypris

= Ostracopoda Agassis 1848

= Conchocarida Haeckel 1866
= Estheriaeformes Grobben 1893
= Ostracocarida Spuris 1979

TYPIFIED NAME IN BASIC FORMAT: Cypris/fg [f:1845; g:1776]

TYPIFIED NAMES IN USE: Cypris (sensu Mueller 1776), Cyproides (sensu Milne Edwards 1834-1840)

MODERN STATUS:  the valid, the oldest name of a generally accepted, holophyletic taxon.

COMMENT. Often for this taxon a wrong name Ostracoda is used. Actually the name Ostrachoda Latreille 1802 and its emendation Ostracoda Latreille 1804 were introduced for an artificial (probably polyphyletic) taxon which united all small Eucrustacea with bivalved shell - Cladocera, Conchostraca and Ostrapoda. In such sense the name Ostracoda was used till 1820 (see Latreille 1806-1809, Billberg 1820). Later Straus (1821) separated a new order Ostrapoda from other Ostracoda by structure of legs (which are walking in Ostrapoda and swimming in other Ostracoda). Latreille (1825) adopted this Straus's taxon as an unnamed taxon subordinated to the family Ostracoda. Later he transferred his old name Ostracoda from the larger artificial taxon to the natural taxon Ostrapoda, and ascribed to it his authorship (Latreille 1829).