Typified names:

Amphiesmenoptera Kiriakoff 1948

NOMEN: Amphiesmenoptera Kiriakoff 1948 [S.G. Kiriakoff . A classification of the Lepidoptera and related groups with some remarks on taxonomy. Biologisch Jaarboek, Antwerp., 1948, 15: 118-143]

ORIGINAL LISTED MEMBERSHIP (Kiriakoff 1948): Zeugloptera + Trichoptera + "Lepidoptera" (= Glossolepidoptera)


= Amphiesmenopterida Weaver 1984

TYPIFIED NAME IN BASIC FORMAT: Papilio/fg (incl. Phryganea)


MODERN STATUS:  the valid, the oldest name of a generally accepted, holophyletic taxon.
Classifications of Amphiesmenoptera:


Kluge 2010 BioNomina Dual-Nom :

In my earlier papers (Kluge 2004b, 2005a) I wrongly referred to the taxon Lepidoptera + Trichoptera as “Sorbentia Haeckel 1896” because I was believed that Haeckel’s (1896) usage was the original one. It turns out, however, that the name goes back to Haeckel’s 1889 paper where Sorbentia consisted of nothing but Lepidoptera, while the caddisflies (under the generic name Phryganea within Neuroptera) were treated separately among Mordentia. Thus, the name Sorbentia Haeckel 1889 is a junior circumscriptional synonym of Lepidoptera Linnaeus 1758 (Mielke & Casagrande 2006). The oldest circumscriptional name for Lepidoptera + Trichoptera is not Sorbentia, but Amphiesmenoptera Kiriakoff 1948.


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