(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna Bidentiseta Furcatergaliae  
Fimbriatotergaliae Fossoriae Behningia/fg1
ProtobehningiaBehningia/fg2 - Behningia/fg3)

Nomen hierarchicum: Behningia/fg3 [f:1937; g:1930] (sine Dolania)

In circumscription fits:

gen. Behningia Lestage 1930: 436

Behningia/fg3: Kluge 2004: 246

References. Ulmer 1924d ("Ephemeriden-Nymphe"): ; Motas & Bacesco 1937: ; Tshernova 1938: ; 1952: ; Keffermuller 1959: ; Edmunds & Traver 1959: ; Elpers & Tomka 1994b: ; Kluge 2004:

Autapomorphies of Behningia/fg3.

(1) Wings with strongly expressed gemination. On fore wing [which has unbranched RSa2 see Behningia/fg1 (4), and bifurcate CuA see Behningia/fg2 (3)] following pairs of veins are present: RSa2+iRS, RSp+MA1, iMA+MA2, MP1+iMP, MP2+CuA. Between these pairs of veins intercalaries are lost and crossveins are weak; tornoapical margin is undulate, with concavities between apices of the vein pairs. Non-unique apomorphy (see Index of characters [2.2.28]): similar vein pairs (except for MP2+CuA) are present in Palingenia/f3=g2 (being especially expressed in Cheirogenesia) and in some female Euthyplocia/fg1; Discoglossata also have vein pair MP2+CuA, but veins anteriad of it are united in pairs in another manner.

(2) Larval hind leg [greatly modified see Behningia/fg2 (1)] has femur greatly widened, with concavity into which tibia [greatly shortened see Behningia/fg2 (1)] can be inputted. Tarsus is articulated to tibia movably, thus can bent at acute angle to tibia (in such a way that if leg would be non-specialized, tarsus would be directed outward). As a result, in folded condition femur, tibia and tarsus form a Z-figure, in which femur and tarsus are directed posteriorly. Patella-tibial suture of hind tibia is lost [but is retained on middle leg see Behningia/fg2 (1)] (Kluge 2004: Fig.73:AB).

Size. Fore wing length 1524 mm. 

Distribution. Palaearctic and Oriental Region.

Nominal species in Behningia/fg3:  

baei McCafferty & Jacobus 2006 [Behningia]

 lestagei Motas & Bacesco 1937 [Behningia] ,,

  nujiangensis Zhou & Bisset (in Zhou & Bisset & Xu & Wang) 2019 [Behningia]

 tshernovae Edmunds & Traver 1959 [Behningia] ,,

 ulmeri Lestage 1930 [Behningia]