Typified names:

Packard A. S., 1895.

On the phylogeny of the Lepidoptera.

Zoologischer Anzeiger, 18 (465): 228-236


ordo Lepidoptera
   I.subordo Lepidoptera laciniata
        fam. Eriocephalidae sensu Chapman 1894 (Trans.Ent.Soc.London) Eriocephala = Micropterix
   II.subordo Lepidoptera haustellata = Lepidoptera glossata (:233) 
     "If the term haustellata should be thought inapplicable from use by former authors the term Lepidoptera glossata could be used instead"

      = Pupae liberae
        fam. Micropterygidae sensu Chapman 1894 (Trans.Ent.Soc.London) Micropteryx = Eriocrania
        1) Tineoids Tinea = Stenopterygia
        = Pupae incompletae of Chapman 1894 (the Eriocephalidae and Micropterygidae included by Chapman being removed)
        2) Macrolepidoptera = Platylepidoptera
        = Pupae obtectae of Chapman 1894

ordo Lepidoptera
  I.subordo Lepidoptera laciniata = Protolepidoptera = Eriocephalidae Eriocephala = Micropterix
  II.subordo Lepidoptera haustellata
    1. Palaeolepidoptera = Pupae liberae = Micropterygidae Micropteryx = Eriocrania
    2. Neolepidoptera = Pupae incompletae and Pupae obtectae
      fam. Megalopygidae Megalopyge
      fam. Cochliopodidae Cochliopodina
      fam. Hepialidae Hepialus
      fam. Tortricidae Tortrix
      fam. Cossidae Cossus
      fam. Thyrididae Thyris
      fam. Sesiidae Sesia
      fam. Tineolidae Tineola
      fam. Alucitidae Alucita
      fam. Pterophoridae Pterophorus
      Pyralidina Pyralis
      fam. Prodoxidae Prodoxus
      fam. Palaeporidae
      fam. Psychidae Psyche
      Tineina Tinea (15-20? families)
      fam. Zygaenidae Zygaena
      fam. Chalcosiidae Chalcosia
      fam. Lithosiidae Lithosia
      fam. Nolidae
      fam. Arctiidae Arctia
      fam. Cyllopodidae Cyllopoda
      fam. Dioptidae Dioptis
      fam. Geometridae Geometra
      fam. Nyctemeridae Nyctemera
      fam. Syntomidae Syntomis
      fam. Liparidae Liparis
      fam. Lasiocampidae Lasiocampa
      fam. Perophoridae Perophora
      fam. Bombycidae Bombyx
      fam. Endromidae Endromis
      fam. Platypterygidae Platypteryx
      fam. Notodontidae Notodonta
      fam. Ceratocampidae Ceratocampa
      fam. Saturniidae Saturnia
      fam. Hemileucidae Hemileuca
      fam. Sphingidae Sphinx
      fam. Hypsidae Hypsa
      fam. Agaristidae Agarista
      fam. Noctuida Noctua
      fam. Castaniidae Castania
      fam. Hesperidae Hesperia
      fam. Pieridae Pieris
      fam. Papilionidae Papilio
      fam. Lycaenidae Lycaena
      fam. Nymphalidae Nymphalis