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general system and phylogeny of insects

systematics of Ephemeroptera

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Tenth (the last) abdominal segment and bases of caudalii of mayfly larva.

A Ц Scheme. BЦF Ц Tenth abdominal segment of larva of Siphlonurus aestivalis (intestine and all muscles connecting intestine with body wall are removed): B Ц dorsal view (hidden sclerites shown by interrupted lines and dotted, muscles shown by interrupted lines, their dorsal bases Ц by dotted polygons); C Ц posterior view (cerci and paracercus removed, instead them three round sections are shown); D Ц anterior view, from inside (left dorsal muscle removed); E Ц lateral view (muscles shown by interrupted lines); F Ц longitudinal section.
Abbreviations: an Ц anal opening; c Ц cercus; bb.c Ц basi-basal muscle of cercus; bb.pc Ц basi-basal muscle of paracercus; d Ц dorsal longitudinal muscle; dv Ц dorsoventral muscle; ep Ц epiproct; pc Ц paracercus; pp Ц paraproct; tX Ц tenth abdominal tergite; tc Ц tricaudale.







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