Kluge & Novikova (in press): Figs 1-8 9-18 19-27 28-36 37-43 44-51 52-53 54-59 60-64 65-68 69-77 78 79-81 82-85 86-87

Figs 3743. Anafroptilum orthostylus. 37 part of exuviae of larval head with labrum, bases of antennae and frontal suture; 3839 incisor, kinetodontium and prostheca of left and right mandibles, view from base of mandible; 40 paraproct; 41 genitals of male imago (on the left half, gonovectal muscles and hidden part of penis shown by interrupted lines, gonostylar muscle not shown; at right half gonostylar muscle shown by interrupted lines; median styligeral muscle shown by interrupted lines, areas of anterior attachment of median paraproctal muscles shown by dotted lines); 42 exuviae of gonostyli of subimago; 43 larval protogonostyli and subimaginal gonostyli developing under larval cuticle (40, 42 holotype). Abbreviations: gs1, gs2, gs3 segments of gonostylus; in incisor; kd kinetodontoum; m.IX-X areas of anterior attachment of median paraproctal muscles (i.e., muscles going from sternum IX to common base of paraprocts); prs prostheca; usg, unistyliger.