Kluge 2004: Fig.57

Figure 57. Ecdyonurus/fg1.

AB Ecdyonurus/fg1-Afronurus/g1 levis [Epeorus]: A imaginal mesothorax, ventral view; B meso- and metathoracic nerve ganglia (shown by black) and ventral areas of mesothoracic muscles attachment (compare with Fig.65:CD). CE scheme of natural position of tergalii in Ecdyonurus/fg1 (muscles shown by interrupted lines) (compare with Fig.61:EF and 62:HI): C dorsal view; D tergalius I, posterior view; E tergalius II, posterior view. FI Ecdyonurus/fg* venosa [Ephemera]: F superlinguae, hypopharynx and labium, apical view; G seta of distal row on dorsal surface of distal segment of labial palp; H labium, dorsal view (in left half) and ventral view (in right half) (muscles shown by interrupted lines) (compare with Fig.62:EG); I left half of larva pronotum and anterior part of mesonotum. JK Ecdyogymnurus/g1 scalaris [Ecdyonurus], larval middle right leg, dorsal view: J apex of femur, patella and base of tibia; K femur. L Afghanurus/g* vicinus [Afghanurus], portion of larval cercus. M Ecdyogymnurus/g1 inversus [Ecdyonurus], the same. (AH from Kluge 1988a and 1993a; IK from Kluge 1997d; LM from Kluge 1980).