Type specimens of Ephemeroptera

in the Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences

Ephemeroptera of the World: z    


ingridae Kluge & Godunko & Svitok 2020 [Centroptella]


Kluge N.J., Godunko R.J. & Svitok M. 2020. Nomenclatural changes in Centroptella Braasch & Soldán, 1980 (Ephemeroptera, Baetidae). // ZooKeys 914: 81–125. PDF


Alcohol collection and slides in Canadian balsam. Holotype and paratypes are permanently deposited in the Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences (in Saint-Petersburg, Russia); temporally can be deposited in the Department of Entomology of the Saint-Petersburg State University.







    Pai, 19-25.XI.2010 I♂ +slide
paratypus [XIV](2) Pai, Mhor-Phaeng 10.II.2015 L-S-I


paratypus [XIV](22) Pai, Mhor-Phaeng 10.II.2015 L-S


holotypus [XV] (1) Pai, Mhor-Phaeng 11.II.2015 L-S-I


paratypus [XV] (4) Pai, Mhor-Phaeng 11.II.2015 L-S-I


SEM eggs

paratypus οπεο.18.IV.2015-1 Pai, Mhor-Phaeng 9.II.2015 L/S


paratypus οπεο.5.VI.2015-1 Pai, Mhor-Phaeng 9.II.2015 L


SEM claws

paratypi   Pai, Mhor-Phaeng 9.II.2015 L/S, 5 L



arbitrary signs