Type specimens of Ephemeroptera

in the Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences

Ephemeroptera of the World: z    


exophthalmus Kluge 2010 [Tricorythus]


Kluge N.J. 2010. Redescription of the taxon Tricorygnatha (Ephemeroptera, Tricorythus s.l.) based on new findings in Africa and Indonesia. // Russian Entomological Journal 19 (2): 79-104. PDF ; REJ


Alcohol collection and slides in Canadian balsam. Holotype and paratypes are permanently deposited in the Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences (in Saint-Petersburg, Russia); temporally can be deposited in the Department of Entomology of the Saint-Petersburg State University.







holotypus [XXI](2A) r.Munyaga 1.VIII.2007 1 L-S♂i +slide
paratypi   r.Munyaga 21-25.VII.2007 LL +slides
paratypi   Ishasha 14.VII.2007 8 L  


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