Type specimens of Ephemeroptera

in the Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences

Ephemeroptera of the World: z    


album Kluge 2016 [Procloeon (Oculogaster)]


Kluge N.J. 2016. A new subgenus Oculogaster subgen. n. for viviparous representatives of Procloeon s. l., with discussion about status of the generic name Austrocloeon Barnard 1932 and the species name africanum Esben-Petersen 1913 [Cloeon] (Ephemeroptera, Baetidae). // Zootaxa 4107 (4): 491–516. figs


Alcohol collection and slides in Canadian balsam. Holotype and paratypes are permanently deposited in the Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences (in Saint-Petersburg, Russia); temporally can be deposited in the Department of Entomology of the Saint-Petersburg State University.







paratypus [VIII](T)  Erawan 4.II.2015  S-I +slide
paratypus [VIII](Y)A  Erawan 4.II.2015  S-I +slide
paratypus οπεο.23.X.2015-1 Erawan 2-4.II.2015 I mature  +slide 
paratypi   Erawan 2-4.II.2015 1I, 1S, 2I   
paratypus οπεο.26.X.2015-1 Erawan 2-4.II.2015  L/S tergalii 1,5,6 in glycerine
paratypus οπεο.26.X.2015-2  Erawan 2-4.II.2015   L/S  +slide
paratypus οπεο.29.X.2015-1  Erawan 2-4.II.2015  L/S  
paratypus οπεο.13.X.2015-1  Erawan 2-4.II.2015  L/S  +slide
holotypus    Erawan 2-4.II.2015  L/S all on slide


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