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Westwood J. O., 18391840.

An introduction to the modern classification of insects.

Vol.1 (1839): 1462 BHL BHL
Vol.2 (1840): 1


1939 Vol.1: p. 17
insects in respect to the relation of the larva with the imago, may be divided into two principal divisions which I have termed
   Heteromorpha , or those in which there is no resemblance between the parent and the offspring; and
   Homomorpha , or those in which the larva resembles the imago except for absence of wings.
     certain Neuroptera

1939 Vol.1: p. 26
hexapod metamorphic insects

   subclassis Dacnostomata W.  
     ordo Hymenoptera
     ordo Strepsiptera ?
     ordo Coleoptera
     ordo Euplexoptera
     ordo Orthoptera
     ? Thrips
     ordo Neuroptera
     ordo Trichoptera
   subclassis Antliostomata W.  
     ordo Diptera
     ordo Homaloptera
     ordo Aphaniptera
     ordo Heteroptera
     ordo Homoptera
     ordo Lepidoptera 

1839 Vol.1: 33-462
   ordo Coleoptera Aristotle
     sectio Pentamera
       tribus Chilopodomorpha MacLeay
         subtribus Adephaga Clairville
           stirps Geodephaga
             fam. Cicindelidae Cicindela
             fam. Carabidae Carabus
           stirps Hydradephaga MacLeay = Hydrocanthari Latreille
             fam. Dytiscidae Dytiscus = Eunechina K. & S.
             fam. Gyrinidae Gyrinus
         subtribus Rypophaga Stephens
           stirps Philhydrida MacLeay
             fam. Heteroceridae Heterocerus = Acanthopoda Latr.
             fam. Parnidae Parnus = Macrodactyla Latr.
             fam. Helophoridae Helophorus
             fam. Hydrophilidae Hydrophilus
             fam. Sphaeridiidae Sphaeridium
             fam. Agathidiidae Agathidium
           stirps Necrophaga Latreille
             fam. Scaphidiidae Scaphidium
             fam. Silphidae Silpha
             fam. Nitidulidae Nitidula
             fam. Engidae Engis
             fam. Paussidae Paussus
             fam. Mycetophagidae Mycetophagus
             fam. Dermestidae Dermestes
           stirps Brachelytra Latr. = Microptera Gravenhorst
             fam. Staphylinidae Staphylinus
       tribus Chilognathomorpha MacLeay
         subtribus Clavicornes
             fam. Byrrhidae Byrrhus
             fam. Histeridae Hister
         subtribus Lamellicornes
           sectio Priocera Dumeril
             fam. Lucanidae Lucanus
           sectio Petalocera Dumeril = Scarabaeus Linnaeus
         subtribus Priocerata = Serricornes Latreille
           sectio Macrosterni = Sternoxi Latreille
             fam. Buprestidae Buprestis
             fam. Eucnemidae Eucnemis
             fam. Elateridae Elater
           sectio Aprosterni = Malacodermi Latreille
             fam. Cebrionidae Cebrio
             fam. Cyphonidae Cyphon
             fam. Lampyridae Lampyrus
             fam. Telephoridae Telephorus = Cantharis
             fam. Melyridae Melyris
             fam. Cleridae Clerus
             fam. Ptinidae Ptinus
             fam. Lymexylonidae Lymexylon
             fam. Bostrichidae Bostrichus
             fam. Scydmaenidae Scydmaenus
     sectio Heteromera Latreille
       tribus Trachelia
       tribus Atrachelia
     sectio Pseudotetramera = Subpentamera = Tetramera Latreille  = Cryptopentamera Burm.
       subsectio Rhynchophora Latreille = Curculio Linn.
       subsectio Longicornes  = Capricornes Latreille  = Cerambyx Linn.  = Eucerata Westw.
       subsectio Phytophaga Kirby = Phyllophaga Kirby = Eupoda Latreille  = Chrysomela Linn.
     sectio Pseudotrimera = Subtetramera = Tetramera Latr. = Cryptotetramera Burm.
             fam. Erotylidae Erotylus
             fam. Endomychidae Endomychus
             fam. Coccinellidae Coccinella
   ordo Euplexoptera Westwood = Dermaptera Leach; nec De Geer, Retz.
           fam. Forficulidae Forficula
   ordo Orthoptera Olivier = Dermaptera De Geer = Hemiptera, nec Dermaptera Retzius
     sectio Cursoria = Blatta Linn.
           fam. Blattidae Blatta
     sectio Raptoria = Mantis Linn.
           fam. Mantidae Mantis
     sectio Ambulatoria = Phasma Linn.
           fam. Phasmidae Phasma
     sectio Saltatoria = Gryllus Linn.
           fam. Achetidae Acheta=Gryllus = Gryllus Acheta Linn. = Acheta Fabr.
           fam. Gryllidae Gryllus=Tettigonia = Gryllus Tettigonia Linn. = Locusta Fabr.
           fam. Locustidae Leach Locusta=Acrida = Gryllus Locusta Linn. = Gryllus Fabr.   

 Vol.2 1840: 1-587
ordo Thysanoptera Haliday
           fam. Thripidae Thrips
   ordo Neuroptera Linnaeus
     sectio Biomorphotica Westw.
           fam. Termitidae Termes
           fam. Psocidae Psocus
           fam. Perlidae Perla
           fam. Ephemeridae Ephemera
           fam. Libellulidae Libellula
     sectio Subnecromorphotica Westw.
           fam. Myrmeleonidae Myrmeleon
           fam. Hemerobiidae Hemerobius
           fam. Sialidae Sialis = Corydalus
           fam. Panorpidae Panorpa
           fam. Raphidiidae Raphidia
           fam. Mantispidae Mantispa
   ordo Trichoptera Kirby = Elinguia Retzius = Neuroptera Plicipennes Latreille
           fam. Phryganeidae Phryganea
   ordo Hymenoptera Linn. = Piezata Fabr. = Phleboptera Clairv.
     sectio Terebrantia
       subsectio Phytophaga = Securifera = Sessiliventres = Serrifera
         tribus Serrifera 
           fam. Tenthredinidae Tenthredo
         tribus Terebellifera
           fam. Uroceridae Urocerus = Siricidae Sirex
       subsectio Entomophaga
         tribus Spiculifera
           fam. Cynipidae Cynips
           fam. Evaniidae Evania
           fam. Ichneumonidae Ichneumon
           fam. Chalcididae Chalcis
           fam. Proctotrupidae Proctotrupes
         tribus Tubulifera
           fam. Chrysididae Chrysis
     sectio Aculeata Latreille = Hymenoptera Ovitithers St. Fargeau = Hymenoptera Monotricha Hartig
       subsectio Praedones Latreile
         grex Insectivora = Fossores Latr.
           fam. Crabronidae Crabro
           fam. Larridae Larra
           fam. Bembicidae Bembex
           fam. Sphegidae Sphex
           fam. Scoliidae Scolia
           fam. Mutillidae Mutilla
         grex Sodales = Philopona K. = Heterogyna St.Fargeau (not Latreille) (:217)
           fam. Formicidae Formica
         grex Diplopteryga Kirby = Diploptera Latr.
           fam. Eumenidae Eumenes
           fam. Vespidae Vespa
       subsectio Mellifera = Anthophila
           fam. Andrenidae Andrena
           fam. Apidae Apis
   ordo Strepsiptera Kirby = Rhipiptera Latr. = Diptera Rhipidoptera Lamarck
           fam. Stylopidae Stylops
   ordo Lepidoptera Linn. = Glossata Fabr.
     sectio Rhopalocera Dumer., Boisd. = Diurna Latr. = Papilio Linn.
     sectio Heterocera Boisd.
   ordo Homoptera MacLeay = Omoptera Leach
     sectio Trimera = Cicada Linnaeus
           fam. Cicadidae Cicada
           fam. Fulgoridae Fulgora
           fam. Cercopidae Cercopis
     sectio Dimera
           fam. Psyllidae Psylla
           fam. Aphidae Aphis
           fam. Aleyrodidae Aleyrodes
     sectio Monomera = Coccus Linn.
           fam. Coccidae Coccus
   ordo Heteroptera = Hemiptera MacLeay, Stephens = Hemiptera Heteroptera Latr.
     sectio Hydrocorisa 
           fam. Notonectidae Notonecta
           fam. Nepidae Nepa
     sectio Aurocorisa Westw. = Geocorisa Latr.
           fam. Galgulidae Galgulus = Gelastocoris
           fam. Acanthiidae Acanthia
           fam. Hydrometridae Hydrometra = Gerris
           fam. Reduviidae Reduvius
           fam. Cimicidae Cimex
           fam. Tingidae Tingis
           fam. Capsidae Capsus = Miris
           fam. Lygaeidae Lygaeus
           fam. Coreidae Coreus
           fam. Scutelleridae Scutellera = Pentatomidae Pentatoma
   ordo Aphaniptera Kirby = Suctoria De Geer = Siphonaptera Latreille = Aptera Lamarck, MacLeay
           fam. Pulicidae Pulex
   ordo Diptera Aristotle = Antliata Fabricius = Halteriptera Clairville
     sectio Cepalota Westw. (:Synopsis:125)
       divisio Nemocera Latr.
           fam. Culicidae Culex
           fam. Tipulidae Tipula
       divisio Brachocera Macq.
         stirps Notacantha Latr.
           fam. Stratiomyidae Stratiomys
           fam. Beridae Beris
           fam. Caenomyidae Caenomya
         stirps Tanystoma Latr.
           fam. Tabanidae Tabanus
           fam. Bombyliidae Bombylius
           fam. Anthracidae Anthrax
           fam. Acroceridae Acrocera
           fam. Empidae Empis
           fam. Tachydromiidae Tachydromia
           fam. Hybotidae Hybos
           fam. Asilidae Asilus
           fam. Mydasidae Mydas
           fam. Therevidae Thereva
           fam. Leptidae Leptis = Rhagio
           fam. Dolichopidae Dolichopus
           fam. Scenopinidae Scenopinus
         stirps Athericera Latr.
           fam. Syrphidae Syrphus
           fam. Conopidae Conops
           fam. Muscidae Musca
           fam. Oestridae Oestrus
     sectio Pupipara Latr. = ordo Homaloptera Leach
           fam. Hippoboscidae Hippobosca
           fam. Nycteribiidae Nycteribia