Typified names:

Dana J. D., 1853.

On the classification and geographical distribution of Crustacea: from report on Crustacea of the United States Exploring Expedition, under captain Charles Wilker, U.S.N., during the years 1838-1842. 

Philadelphia, printed by C. Sherman: 13951592. BHL


  classis Crustacea

    I. subclassis Podophthalma (vel Decapoda)

      I. ordo Eubranchiata (Branchia apud thoracis latera dispositae, carapace tectae)

            I. tribus Brachyura

            II. tribus Anomura

            III.tribus Macroura

      II. ordo Anomobranchiata

            I. tribus Mysidea Mysis

            II. tribus Amphionidea

            III. tribus Squilloidea Squilla

    II. subclassis Tetradecapoda

      I. ordo Choristopoda

            I. tribus Isopoda

            II. tribus Anisopoda

            III. tribus Amphipoda

      II. ordo Trilobita

    III. subclassis Entomostraca

      I. ordo Gnathostomata

          I. legio Lophyropoda

            I. tribus Cyclopoidea Cyclops

            II. tribus Daphnioidea Daphnia

            III. tribus Cyproidea Cypris

          II. legio Phyllopoda

            I. tribus Artemioidea Artemia

            II. tribus Apodoidea Apus=Triops

            III. tribus Limnadioidea Limnadia

      II. ordo Cormostomata

        I. subordo Poecilopoda

            I. tribus Ergasiloidea Ergasilus

            II. tribus Caligoidea Caligus

            III. tribus Lernaeoidea Lernaea

        II. subordo Arachnopoda

            Tribus Pycnogonoidea Pycnogonum

      III. ordo Merostomata

            Tribus Limuloidea Limulus

    IV. subclassis Cirripedia

    V. subclassis Rotatoria