Typified names:

Brodsky A. K., 1994.

The evolution of insect flight.

Oxford Sci. Publ., 229 pp.


  infraclassis Palaeoptera
    cohors *
      superordo Palaeodictyopteroidea
         ordo Palaeodictyoptera
         ordo Megasecoptera
         ordo Permothemistida = Archodonata
      superordo Diaphanopteroidea
         ordo Diaphanopterodea
    cohors **
      superordo Geropteroidea
         ordo Geroptera
             gen. Eugeropteron
             gen. Geropteron
      superordo Ephemeropteroidea
         ordo Permoplectoptera
         ordo Ephemeroptera
      superordo Odonatoidea
         ordo Meganeurida
         ordo Odonata
  infraclassis Neoptera
    cohors Paoliiformes
      superordo Protopteroidea
         ordo Protoptera
    cohors Polyneoptera
      superordo Plecopteroidea
         ordo Plecoptera
         ordo Embioptera
         ordo Grylloblattida
         ordo Dermaptera
      superordo Blattopteroidea
         ordo Blattodea
         ordo Mantodea
         ordo Isoptera
      superordo Orthopteroidea
         ordo Protorthoptera
         ordo Titanoptera
         ordo Orthoptera
         ordo Phasmodea
    cohors Paraneoptera
      superordo Caloneuroidea
         ordo Caloneurida
         ordo Blattinopseida
      superordo Hypoperloidea
         ordo Hypoperlida
      superordo Psocopteroidea
         ordo Psocoptera
      superordo Thysanopteroidea
         ordo Thysanoptera
      superordo Homopteroidea
         ordo Homoptera
         ordo Heteroptera
    cohors Oligoneoptera
      superordo Miomopteroidea
         ordo Miomoptera = Palaeomanteida
      superordo Coleopteroidea
         ordo Coleoptera
         ordo Strepsiptera
         ordo Megaloptera
      superordo Neuropteroidea
         ordo Neuroptera
         ordo Raphidioptera
      superordo Mecopteroidea
         ordo Mecoptera
         ordo Trichoptera
         ordo Lepidoptera
         ordo Diptera
      superordo Hymenopteroidea
         ordo Hymenoptera