Typified names:

Tegminoptera Kluge 2013

NOMEN: Tegminoptera Kluge 2013: 54 [Kluge N.J.  Additions to the system of neopterous insects (Neoptera). // Труды Русского энтомологического общества. С.-Петербург  / Proceedings of the Russian Entomological Society. St. Petersburg 2013, 84 (2): 53–60] PDF

ORIGINAL LISTED MEMBERSHIP (Kluge 2013): Pandictyoptera + Dermatoptera + Orchesopia (= Saltatoria) + Spectra

TYPIFIED NAME IN BASIC FORMAT: Gryllus/f=Forficula/g (sine Embia, Grylloblatta, Perla; incl. Phasma, Blatta)


MODERN STATUS:  the valid, the oldest name of a holophyletic taxon.

COMMENT. This taxon, being characterized by significant features of the wings, has been known for a long time, but so far has not had the correct circumscriptional name. The names with nearest circumscriptions are Dermaptera and Orthopteromorpha. The taxon Dermaptera De Geer 1773 (syn.circ.: Ulonata Fabricius 1775}, in contrast to Tegminoptera, originally did not include termites (Isoptera), because wings of termites are secondary modified and are dissimilar to the wings of other Tegminoptera. The taxon Orthopteromorpha Hennig 1969, in contast to Tegminoptera, originally incuded grylloblattids (Notoptera), because structure of their wings is unknown. Establishing of the taxon Tegminoptera in the circumscription accepred here became possible after revealing synapomorphies of Isoptera with other Pandictyoptera and synapomorphies of Notoptera and Embioptera (see Idioprothoraca).