Typified names:



1) Saltatoria Retzius 1783

2) Saltatoria Latreille 1817

1) Saltatoria Retzius 1783

NOMEN: Saltatoria Retzius 1783 [A.J. Retzius. Genera et species insectorum. Lipsiae, 1783]


= Suctoria Retzius 1783
= Rophoteira Clairville 1798
= Siphonata Illiger 1807 (non Siphonata Retzius 1783)
= Aphaniptera Kirby & Spence 1815
= Medamoptera Leach 1815
= Rhynchota Billberg 1820 (non Rhynchota Burmeister 1835)
= Siphonaptera Latreille 1825
= Suctoridea Walker 1851
= Psyllomorpha Eysell 1913

= Siphonapterida Pearce 1936
= Siphonapteroidea Grasse 1949

= Siphonapteroida Müller 1978

TYPIFIED NAME IN BASIC FORMAT: Pulex/fg [f:1820; g:1758(gen.234)]
TYPIFIED NAMES IN USE: Pulex (sensu Linnaeus 1758), Pulicides, Pulicidae, Pulicina, Pulicites, Pulicarii, Pulicina, Pulicida, Pulicidi

MODERN STATUS: the oldest synonym of Aphaniptera; belongs to a generally accepted, holophyletic taxon.

2) Saltatoria Latreille 1817

NOMEN: Saltatoria Latreille 1817 [P.A. Latreille. Les crustacés, les arachnides, les insectes. - In:  G.Cuvier. Le règne animal. - Paris, Deterville, 1817, T.3: 1-653]

ORIGINAL LISTED MEMBERSHIP (Latreille 1817): Tettigonia + Grylus (= Acheta) + Gryllotalpa + Tridactylus + Pneumora + Acrida + Locusta + Tetrix


= Orchesopia Rafinesque 1815

= Salientia
Claus 1868 (non Laurenti 1768)

= Orthopterida Pearce 1936

= Orthopteroida Kevan & Knipper 1961

TYPIFIED NAME IN BASIC FORMAT: Gryllus/fg [f:1781; g:1758(gen.194)]
TYPIFIED NAMES IN USE: Gryllida, Grylliformes, Grylloides, Grylloidea

MODERN STATUS: widely accepted name of a holophyletic taxon; can be substituted by the older name Orchesopia.

Kluge 2010 BioNomina Dual-Nom :

This group is usually called “Orthoptera”. However, the original circumscription of the name Orthoptera Olivier 1789 does not fit this taxon. Originally the order Orthoptera consisted of the genera Blatta, Mantis, Gryllus, Truxalis, Acrydium and Tridactylus with combined circumscription of Neoblattariae + Raptoriae + Spectra + Saltatoria. Over time, different authors applied the name Orthoptera to taxa of various circumscription, of which the least inclusive corresponds to Caelifera (Orthoptera sensu Vickery & Kevan 1983) and the most inclusive encompasses all the Hexapoda except for Metabola and Arthroidignatha (Orthoptera sensu Gerstaecker 1863). The prevalent usage associates the name Orthoptera with order-rank taxa, i.e. misuses a non-typified name as rank-based (Dual-Nom:2.1).

The name Saltatoria Latreille 1817 is both widely accepted and fits in original circumscription the taxon to which it is applied: Latreille’s family Saltatoria originally consisted of the genera (or subgenera, in Cuvier’s sense) Gryllotalpa, Tridactylus, Gryllus, Tettigonia, Pneumora, Acrida, Locusta, and Tetrix. It is preoccupied: the name Saltatoria Retzius 1783 was proposed for fleas; it is no longer in use (the fleas are named either Aphaniptera Kirby & Spence 1815 or Siphonaptera Latreille 1825), so the name Saltatoria Latreille 1817 can be adopted as valid.


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