Typified names:

Odonatoptera Lameere 1900

NOMEN: Odonatoptera Lameere 1900 [A. Lameere. Manuel de la faune de Belge. Tome II. Insectes inferieurs. - Bruxelles, 1900: 858 pp.]

ORIGINAL SPELLING (Lameere 1900): Odonatopteres (in French)

SUBSEQUENT SPELLING (Zalessky 1932): Odonatoptera (in Latin)

ORIGINAL LISTED MEMBERSHIP (Lameere 1900): Meganisoptera (= "Protodonates") + Odonata s.str. (= Odonates)


= Tylopteradelphia Crampton 1924 

= Pantyloptera Crampton 1924

= Panaeshnoptera Crampton 1928

= Odonatoidea Lameere 1936

=?Bioptera La Rivers 1940

= Odonatomorpha Demoulin 1970

= Odonatopterata Boudreaux 1979

= Eupalaeoptera Carle 1982

= Odonatopteroida Müller 1978

NON-MONOSEMANTIC CIRCUMSCRIPTIONAL SYNONYMS (with uncertain position of †Meganisoptera):

= Odonata Fabricius 1793 s.l.

= Odonatea Rafinesque 1815 s.l.

= Paraneuroptera Shipley 1904 s.l.

= Zygopteradelphia Crampton 1916 s.l.

= Panzygoptera Crampton 1916 s.l.

=?Bioptera Rivers 1940 s.l.

= Orthomyaria Schwanwitsh 1943 s.l.

= Bimotoria Schwanwitsh 1946 s.l.

= Heterognatha Chen 1962 s.l. (non Saussure & Humbert 1872, nec Börner 1920) 

NON-MONOSEMANTIC CIRCUMSCRIPTIONAL SYNONYM (without †Geroptera; including †Eomeganisoptera):

= Neodonatoptera Bechly 1996

NON-MONOSEMANTIC CIRCUMSCRIPTIONAL SYNONYM (without †Geroptera, †Eomeganisoptera):

= Euodonatoptera Bechly, Brauckmann, Zessin 1998 (M.S.)

TYPIFIED NAME IN BASIC FORMAT: Libellula/fg (incl. Meganeura) [f:1781; g:1758(gen.207)]

TYPIFIED NAMES IN USE: Libellulida, Libelluloidea, Libelluloides, Libellulones

MODERN STATUS: the valid, the oldest name of a generally accepted, holophyletic taxon; the same as Odonata s.l. Classifications of Odonatoptera:

the most pessimistic classification (Kluge 2000):
Odonatoptera, or Odonata s.l. (Libellula/fg1)
  † Meganisoptera s.l. (Meganeura/fg1)
† Protanisoptera (Ditaxineura/fg1)
† Triadophlebioptera (Triadophlebia/fg1)
† Protozygoptera (Kennedya/fg1)
  Neodonata, or Odonata s.str. (Libellula/fg2)
the most optimistic classification (Bechly 1996):
Odonatoptera s.1, or Odonata s.1 (Libellula/fg1)
  † Geroptera (Eugeropteron/fg1)
  Nodonatoptera, or Odonatoptera s.2, or Odonata s.2 (Libellula/fg2)
    † Eomeganisoptera (Erasipteron/fg1)
    Euodonatoptera, or Odonatoptera s.3, or Odonata s.3 (Libellula/fg3)
    † Meganisoptera s.str. (Meganeura/fg1)
    Odonatoclada, or Odonata s.4 (Libellula/fg4)
    † Campyloptera/fg1
      † Lapeyuria/fg1
    Nodialata, or Odonata s.5 (Libellula/fg5)
      † Protanisoptera (Ditaxineura/fg1)
      Discoidalia, or Odonata s.6 (Libellula/fg6)
        † Triadophlebioptera (Triadophlebia/fg1 or Triadotypus/fg1)
        Stigmoptera, or Odonata s.7 (Libellula/fg7)
          † Protozygoptera (Kennedya/fg1)
            Neodonata, or Odonata s.8 (Libellula/fg8)
              † Tarsophlebia/fg1
              Odonata s.9 (Libellula/fg9)