Typified names:

Gynaptera Laporte 1834

NOMEN: Gynaptera Laporte 1834: 7 [Castelnau Francis L. de Laporte. Etudes entomologigues ou de description d'insectes nouveaux, et observations. Zoologische Beitrage, N.F., 1834, 20 (2): 177-211]

ORIGINAL SPELLING (Laporte 1834)Gynapteres (in French)

SUBSEQUENT SPELLING: should be Gynaptera, by analogy with other ordinal names used in the same publication Isoptera as Isopteres, Hymenoptera as Hymenopteres, Strepsiptera as Strepsipteres, Neuroptera as Nevropteres, Dermaptera as Dermapteres, Coleoptera as Coleopteres,  Hemiptera as Hemipteres, Homoptera as Homopteres, Aptera as Apteres, Siphonaptera as Siphonapteres, Diptera as Dipteres, Trichoptera as Trichopteres, Lepidoptera as Lepidopteres, and others.

ORIGINAL MEMBERSHIP (Laporte 1834): The taxon Gynaptera was established for insects named in French Pucerons; formerly they were attributed to Homoptera, but are different from insects attributed by Laporte (1834) to Homoptera (which have type Cigale, i.e. represent Cicada/fg = Auchenorrhyncha) and to Phauloptera (which have type Cochenille, i.e. represent Coccus/fg = Gallinsecta). The original description of Gynaptera, according to which females are wingless, excludes Saltipedes (Psylla/fg) and Scytinelytra (Aleyrodes/fg), which were traditionally mixed with Gynaptera.

= Gradipedes
Amyot & Serville 1843
= Clinohomoptera Crampton 1916
= Aphidioptera Krausse & Wolff 1919 (non Aphidoptera Haeckel 1896)

TYPIFIED NAME IN BASIC FORMAT: Aphis/fg (sine Coccus; incl. Adelges)
TYPIFIED NAMES IN USE: Aphis, Aphidiae, Aphidina, Aphites, Aphidinae, Aphididae, Aphida, Aphisidi, Aphidoidea, Aphididomorpha

MODERN STATUS: the valid, the oldest name of holophyletic taxon.
Systematic position of Gynaptera:

Arthroidignatha (Cimex/f=Cicada/g)

  Plantisuga = Phytadelga (Aphis/fg)

    Aphidococca (Aphis/fg)

      Gynaptera (Aphis/fg)

      Gallinsecta (Coccus/fg)

    Psyllaleyroda (Psylla/fg)

      Saltipedes (Psylla/fg)

      Scytinelytra (Aleyrodes/fg)

  Hemelytrata (Cimex/f=Cicada/g)

    Auchenorrhyncha (Cicada/fg)

    Heteropteroidea (Cimex/f=Notonecta/g)

      Coleorrhyncha (Peloridium/fg)

      Heteroptera (Cimex/f=Notonecta/g)

COMMENT. Most often, for this taxon is used one of the names derived from Aphis: Aphidiae, Aphidina, Aphites, Aphidinae, Aphididae, Aphida, Aphisidi, Aphidoidea, Aphididomorpha, et al.; the same names are sometimes used for one of higher taxa either for Plantisuga, or for Aphidococca.