Typified names:

Brachydermaptera Kluge 2003

NOMEN: Brachydermaptera Kluge 2003: 7 [.. . (About evolution and homology of genital appendages of insects). Proceedings of the Russian Entomological Society, 2003, 74: 3-16]

ORIGINAL LISTED MEMBERSHIP (Kluge 2003): Archidermaptera + Diploglossata + Holodermaptera

NON-MONOSEMANTIC CIRCUMSCRIPTIONAL SYNONYMS (with uncertain position of Protelytroptera, Archidermaptera and Diploglossata):

= Labidoura Dumeril 1805
= Placoda Billberg 1820
= Trimera Zetterstedt 1821 (non Dumeril 1805, nec Billberg 1810)
= Euplekoptera Westwood 1831

= Dermatoptera Burmeister 1838

= Euplexoptera Westwood 1839
= Dermoptera Agassiz 1848
= Harmoptera Fieber 1852
=?Euplectoptera Fischer 1853
= Labidura (Burmeister 1838) Haeckel 1866
= ?Pseudo-Orthoptera Thomas 1872

NON-MONOSEMANTIC CIRCUMSCRIPTIONAL SYNONYM (including Diploglossata, with uncertain position of Protelytroptera and Archidermaptera):
= Dermaptoria Blatchley 1920

NON-MONOSEMANTIC CIRCUMSCRIPTIONAL SYNONYM (including Archidermaptera, with uncertain position of Protelytroptera):

= Dermatopteroidea Martynov 1925 s.str.

TYPIFIED NAME IN BASIC FORMAT: Forficula/fg (sine Protelytron; incl. Protodiplatys)

TYPIFIED NAMES IN USE: Forficuloda, Forficulina

MODERN STATUS:  the valid, the oldest monosemantic name of a generally accepted, holophyletic taxon; the same as Dermatoptera s.2.
Systematic position and classification of Brachydermaptera:

Dermapteroidea, or Dermatoptera s.1 (sensu lato)


  Brachydermaptera, or Dermatoptera s.2


    Neodermaptera, or Dermatoptera s.3


      Holodermaptera, or Dermatoptera s.4 (sensu stricto)

Kluge 2010 BioNomina Dual-Nom :

The name Dermatoptera and its monosemantic circumscriptional synonyms Labidoura, Placoda, Euplekoptera, Euplexoptera, Dermoptera, Harmoptera, and Euplectoptera are non-monosemantic circumscriptional synonyms of the names Dermapteroidea, Brachydermaptera, Neodermaptera and Holodermaptera. On the other hand, the names Dermapteroidea, Brachydermaptera, Neodermaptera, and Holodermaptera are not circumscriptional synonyms and refer to an array of successively subordinated taxa.