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last update 1.III.2004

Mayflies (Ephemeroptera) of East-European Plain

by N.J. Kluge

The list containes all species found in the European part of Russia (except for Caucasus), as well as plain species known from neighbouring countries - Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraina. Here are included all species from the area marked by red on the map below. Here are not included endemic Caucasian species connected with mountain and premountain streams and belonging to taxa Baetis/fg8, Ecdyonurus/fg1 (incl. Afronurus), Rhithrogena/fg1 (incl. Epeorus), Habroleptoides/fg1 and Choroterpes/g1. Below are given comments on distribution of some species.





East Siberia,
 Mongolia and Far East



Arbitrary signs:
   - species is represented in this area


 - only in the north (north of 60o)


 - only in the south (south of 50o): southern Europe, Asia Minor, Caucasus, Middle Asia, or Mongolia


Posteritorna WE EE WS ES WN EN
Prosopistoma/f1=g2 foliaceum Fourcroy 1785 [Binoculus]   .        
Anteritorna Tridentiseta Siphlonurus/fg1 WE EE WS ES WN EN
Siphlonurus/fg3 Siphlurella/g1 alternata Say 1824 [Baetis]            
Siphlonurus/fg4 lacustris Eaton 1870 [Siphlonurus]      


Siphlonurus/fg4 aestivalis Eaton 1903 [Siphlurus]            
Siphlonurus/fg4 armatus Eaton 1870 [Siphlonurus]            
Siphlonurus/fg4 chankae Tshernova 1952 [Siphlonurus]  


Siphlonurus/fg1 Parameletus/fg2 chelifer Bengtsson 1908 [Parameletus] N N     N  
Siphlonurus/fg1 Partameletus/fg2 minor Bengtsson 1909 [Potameis] N N        
Anteritorna Tridentiseta Ameletus/fg1 WE EE WS ES WN EN
Ameletus/fg2 inopinatus Eaton 1887 [Ameletus]   N     N  
Anteritorna Tridentiseta Metretopus/fg1 WE EE WS ES WN EN
Metertopus/fg2 borealis Eaton 1871 [Heptagenia] N N        
Metertopus/fg2 alter Bengtsson 1930 [Metretopus] N N        
Metretopus/fg1 Metreplecton/g1 macronyx Kluge 1996 [Metreplecton]    N        
Anteritorna Tridentiseta Ametropus/fg1 WE EE WS ES WN EN
Ametropus/fg1 fragilis Albarda 1878 [Ametropus]            


Turbanoculata Anteropatellata Cloeon/fg1 WE EE WS ES WN EN
Cloeon/fg1 Centroptilum/g1 luteola Muller 1776 [Ephemera]            
Cloeon/fg2 diptera Linnaeus 1761 [Ephemera]            
Cloeon/fg2 inscriptum Bengtsson 1914 [Cloeon]            
Cloeon/fg2 cognatum Stephens 1835 [Cloeon]  





Cloeon/fg1 Similicloeon/g1 simile Eaton 1870 [Cloeon]            
Cloeon/fg1 Similicloeon/g1 praetextum Bengtsson 1914 [Cloeon]            
Cloeon/fg1 Similicloeon/g1 schoenemundi Bengtsson 1936 [Cloeon]            
Cloeon/fg1 Intercloeon/g1 petropolitanum Kluge & Novikova 1992 [Cloeon]            
Cloeon/fg1 Pseudocentroptilum/g1 unguiculatum Tshernova 1941 [Cloeon] S ? S S    
Cloeon/fg1 Procloeon/g2 bifidum Bengtsson 1912 [Cloeon]            
Cloeon/fg1 Procloeon/g2 heterophillum Kluge & Novikova 1992 [Cloeon]  


Cloeon/fg1 Procloeon/g2 pennulatum Eaton 1870 [Centroptilum]  


Cloeon/fg1 Procloeon/g2 pulchrum Eaton 1885 [Centroptilum]            
Cloeon/fg1 Procloeon/g2 macronyx Kluge & Novikova 1992 [Cloeon     S S    
Procloeon/g1 Pseudocentroptiloides/g1 nana Bogoescu 1951 [Centroptilum]            
Turbanoculata Anteropatellata Baetopus/g1 WE EE WS ES    
Baetopus/g2 wartensis Keffermuller 1960 [Baetopus]            
Baetopus/g1 Raptobaetopus/g1 tenellum Albarda 1878 [Centroptilum]            
Turbanoculata Anteropatellata Baetis/fg6 Nigrobaetis/g1 WE EE WS ES WN EN
Baetis/fg6 Nigrobaetis/g2 nigra Linnaeus 1761 [Ephemera]     . . . .
Baetis/fg6 Nigrobaetis/g2 digitatus Bengtsson 1912 [Baetis]     . . . .
Baetis/fg6 Nigrobaetis/g2 gracilis Bogoescu & Tabacaru 1957 [Baetis]   S S . . .
Baetis/fg6 Nigrobaetis/g1 Takobia/g1 mutica Linnaeus 1758 [Ephemera]     .


. .
Turbanoculata Anteropatellata Baetis/fg6 Labiobaetis/g1 WE EE WS ES WN EN
Baetis/fg6 Labiobaetis/g1 atrebatinus Eaton 1870 [Baetis]         . .
Baetis/fg6 Labiobaetis/g1 tricolor Tshernova 1928 [Baetis]         . .
Baetis/fg6 Labiobaetis/g1 calcaratus Keffermuller 1972 [Baetis]     . . . .
Turbanoculata Anteropatellata Baetis/fg7 Acentrella/g1 WE EE WS ES WN EN
Baetis/fg7 Acentrella/g2 lapponica Bengtsson 1912 [Acentrella] N N  




Baetis/fg7 Acentrella/g2 inexpectatum Tshernova 1928 [Pseudocloeon]     . . . .
Turbanoculata Anteropatellata Baetis/fg8 WE EE WS ES WN EN
Baetis/fg8 fuscata Linnaeus 1761 [Ephemera]         . .
Baetis/fg8 vernus Curtis 1834 [Baetis]         . .
Baetis/fg8 macani Kimmins 1957 [Baetis] N N N N N N
Baetis/fg8 tracheatus Keffermuller & Machel 1967 [Baetis]     . . . .
Baetis/fg8 feles Kluge 1980 [Baetis] .


    . .
Baetis/fg8 rhodani Pictet 1845 [Cloe]     . . . .
Baetis/fg8 bicaudatus Dodds 1923 [Baetis] .


Baetis/fg8 buceratus Eaton 1870 [Baetis]    


. . .

Anteritorna Bidentiseta Branchitergaliae

Eusetisura Isonychia/fg1 WE EE WS ES WN EN
Isonychia/fg2 ignota Walker 1853 [Baetis]            
Eusetisura Oligoneuria/f3=g4 Oligoneuriella/g1 WE EE WS ES    
Oligoneuriella/g2 pallida Hagen 1855 [Oligoneuria]            
Oligoneuriella/g2 keffermuellerae Sowa 1973 [Oligoneuriella]            
Oligoneuriella/g2 rhenana Imhoff 1852 [Oligoneuria]            
Oligoneuriella/g2 tskhomelidzei Sova et Zosidze 1973 [Oligoneuriella]  


Eusetisura Ologoneuria/f3=g4 Homoeoneuria/g1 Oligoneurisca/g1 WE EE        
Oligoneurisca/g1 borysthenica Tshernova 1937 [Oligoneuriella]            
Pentamerotarsata Arthroplea/fg1 WE EE WS ES WN EN
Arthroplea/fg1 congener Bengtsson 1909 [Arthroplea]            
Pentamerotarsata Radulapalpata Heptagenia/f6-g5 WE EE WS ES WN EN
Heptagenia/f6=g5 Kageronia/g1 fuscogrisea Retzius 1783 [Ephemera]      


Heptagenia/f6=g5 Kageronia/g1 orbiticola Kluge 1986 [Heptagenia] N N        
Heptagenia/f7=g6 Dacnogenia/g1 coerulans Rostock 1878 [Heptagenia]            
Heptagenia/f8=g7 flava Rostock 1878 [Heptagenia]            
Heptagenia/f8=g7 sulphurea Muller 1776 [Ephemera]            
Heptagenia/f8=g7 longicauda Stephens 1835 [Baetis]            
Pentamerotarsata Radulapalpata Heptagenia/f5=g4 Ecdyonurus/fg1 WE EE WS ES WN EN
Ecdyonurus/fg1 Afghanurus/g1 joernensis Bengtsson 1909 [Ecdyurus]


Ecdyonurus/fg2 aurantiaca Burmeister 1839 [Baetis]            
Ecdyonurus/fg1 Afronurus/g1 Electrogena/g1 affinis Eaton 1885 [Ecdyurus]            
Pentamerotarsata Radulapalpata Cinygma/fg1 WE EE WS ES WN  
Cinygma/fg1 lyriformis McDunnough 1924 [Ecdyonurus]  



Anteritorna Bidentiseta Furcatergaliae Pinnatitergaliae

Pinnatitergaliae Potamanthus/fg1 WE EE WS ES WN EN
Potamanthus/fg1 lutea Linnaeus 1767 [Ephemera]            
Pinnatitergaliae Fossoriae Ephemera/fg9 WE EE WS ES WN EN
Ephemera/fg10 vulgata Linnaeus 1758 [Ephemera]            
Ephemera/fg10 danica Muller 1764 [Ephemera]            
Ephemera/fg10 lineata Eaton 1870 [Ephemera]            
Pinnatitergaliae Fossoriae Behningia/fg1 WE EE WS ES WN EN
Behningia/fg3 ulmeri Lestage 1919 [Behningia]            
Pinnatitergaliae Fossoriae Cryptoprosternata WE EE WS ES WN EN
Palingenia/f4=g3 longicauda Olivier 1791 [Ephemera]            
Palingenia/f4=g3 sublongicauda Tshernova 1949 [Palingenia]            
Palingenia/f4=g3 fuliginosa Georgi 1802 [Ephemera]  


Polymitarcys/f2=Ephoron/g3 nigridorsum Tshernova 1934 [Eopolymitarcys]            

Polymitarcys/f2=Ephoron/g3 virgo Olivier 1791 [Ephemera]








Anteritorna Bidentiseta Furcatergaliae Caenotergaliae

Caenotergaliae Neoephemera/fg1

Neoephemera/fg1 Leucorhoenantus/g1 maximus Joly 1871 [Caenis]            
Caenotergaliae Caenoptera (seu Caenis/f1=Brachycercus/g1) WE EE WS ES WN EN
Brachycercus/f1=g3 harrisella Cirtis 1834 [Brachycercus]            
Brachycercus/f1=g3 minutus Tshernova 1952 [Brachycercus]            
Brachycercus/f1=g3 europaeus Kluge 1991 [Brachycercus]            
Caenis/f3=g1 macrura Stephens 1835 [Caenis]            
Caenis/f3=g1 luctuosa Burmeister 1839 [Oxycypha]    


Caenis/f3=g1 horaria Linnaeus 1758 [Ephemera]            
Caenis/f3=g1 robusta Eaton 1884 [Caenis]    



Caenis/f3=g1 rivulorum Eaton 1884 [Caenis]            
Caenis/f3=g1 lactea Burmeister 1839 [Oxycypha]            

Caenis/f3=g1 pseudorivulorum Keffermuller 1960 [Caenis]








Anteritorna Bidentiseta Furcatergaliae Ephemerella/fg1

Ephemerella/fg2 Timpanoga/fg1

Timpanoga/fg2 Eurylophella/g2 karelica Tiensuu 1935 [Ephemerella]            
Ephemerella/fg3 WE EE WS ES WN EN
Ephemerella/fg3 Torleya/g1 ignita Poda 1761 [Ephemera]            
Ephemerella/fg3 Torleya/g1 maculocaudata Ikonomov 1961 [Ephemerella]  


Ephemerella/fg5 aurivillii Bengtsson 1908 [Chitonophora] N N        
Ephemerella/fg5 mucronata Bengtsson 1909 [Chitonophora]            

Ephemerella/fg5 notata Eaton 1885 [Ephemerella]








Anteritorna Bidentiseta Furcatergaliae Leptophlebia/fg1

Leptophlebia/fg4 WE EE WS ES WN EN
Leptophlebia/fg4 vespertina Linaeus 1758 [Ephemera]            
Leptophlebia/fg4 marginata Linnaeus 1767 [Ephemera]            
Leptophlebia/fg3 Paraleptophlebia/g1 WE EE WS ES WN EN
Paraleptophlebia/g1 cincta Retzius 1783 [Ephemera]            
Paraleptophlebia/g1 longilobata Tshernova 1928 [Leptophlebia]            
Paraleptophlebia/g1 submarginata Stephens 1835 [Ephemera]            
Paraleptophlebia/g1 werneri Ulmer 1919 [Paraleptophlebia]            
Paraleptophlebia/g1 strandii Eaton 1901 [Leptophlebia] N N        
Paraleptophlebia/g1 falcula Traver 1934 [Paraleptophlebia]   N  ? ?    
Leptophlebia/fg1 Habrophlebia/fg1 WE EE WS ES WN EN
Habrophlebia/fg3 fusca Curtis 1834 [Ephemera]            
Habrophlebia/fg3 lauta McLachlan 1884 [Habrophlebia]            





* lacustris Eaton 1870 [Siphlonurus] occur in Europe only; it was confused with closely related grisea Navas1912 [Andromina] widely distributed in East Siberia, Mongolia and Russian Far East.

* robusta Eaton 1884 [Caenis] occurs in Western Palearctic only; it was confused with closely related miliaria Tshernova 1952 [Ordella] widely distributed in East Siberia, Mongolia and Russian Far East.


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