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McDunnough J.

McDunnough J. 1921(1922). ' +
Two new Canadian May-flies (Ephemeridae). // The Canadian Entomologist 53(5): 117120. PDF
  Baetis intercalaris sp.n.  
  Baetis flavistriga sp.n.  
  Baetis propinquus  

McDunnough J. 1923. * ' +
New Canadian Ephemeridae with notes. // The Canadian Entomologist 55: 3950. PDF

Tricorythus atrata sp.n.

Baetis intercalaris

Baetis propinquus

Baetis flavistriga

Baetis phoebus sp.n.

Baetis dardanus sp.n.

Baetis nanus sp.n.

Centroptilum fragile sp.n.

Centroptilum curiosum sp.n.

Cloeon rubropicta sp.n.

Cloeon ingens sp.n.

Cloeon punctiventris sp.n.

Cloeon chlorops sp.n.

Cloeon virilis sp.n.

Siphlonuroides croesus gen.sp.n.

Siphlonuroides midas sp.n.

Siphlonurus berenice sp.n.

Siphlonurus phyllis sp.n.

Ameletus validus sp.n.

McDunnough J. 1924:89-106. ?
Ephemeridae. Pages 104106 // In: Criddle N. The Entomological Record, 1924. Annual Report of the Entomological Society of Ontario 55: 89106.

McDunnough J. 1924:90-133. (*) ' +
New Canadian Ephemeridae with notes, II. // The Canadian Entomologist (1923) 55: 9098, 113122, 128133. PDF

Hexagenia rigida sp.n.

Hexagenia atrocaudata sp.n.

Leptophlebia heteronea sp.n.

Leptophlebia moerens sp.n.

Leptophlebia mollis

Leptophlebia guttata sp.n.

Leptophlebia volitans sp.n.

Centroptilum rufostrigatum sp.n.

Centroptilum bifurcatum sp.n.

Centroptilum bellum sp.n.

Centroptilum ozburni sp.n.

Centroptilum simile sp.n.

Centroptilum infrequens sp.n.

Cloeon implicatum sp.n.

Cloeon inanum sp.n.

Pseudocloeon turbidum sp.n.

Pseudocloeon virilis 

Ameletus vernalis sp.n.

Heptagenia flavescens

Heptagenia reversalis sp.n.

Heptagenia lucidipennis

Heptagenia inconspiqia sp.n.

Heptagenia querula sp.n.

Heptagenia solitaria sp.n.

Heptagenia adequata sp.n.

Heptagenia simplicioides sp.n.

Heptagenia maculipennis

Heptagenia minerva sp.n.

Heptagenia juno sp.n.

Heptagenia hebe sp.n.

Siphloplecton interlineata

Iron albertae sp.n.

Iron grandis sp.n.

Cinygma mimus

Cinygma atlantica sp.n.

Cinygma confusa sp.n.

Cinygma hyalina sp.n.

Cinygma ramaleyi

Cinygma deceptiva sp.n.

McDunnough J. 1924:7-9. * ' +
New Ephemeridae from Illinois. // The Canadian Entomologist 56: 79. PDF

Campsurus decoratus

Campsurus primus sp.n.

Baetis harti sp.n.

Baetis pallidula sp.n.

Pseudocloeon veteris sp.n.

Heptagenia (Ecdyonurus?) integer sp.n.

McDunnough J. 1924:73-76. * ' +
New Ephemeridae from New England. // Occasional Papers of the Boston Society of Natural History 8: 7376, pl.6. PDF  
  Leptophlebia johnsoni sp.n.  
  Ephemerella temporalis sp.n.  
  Siphlonurus novangliae sp.n.  
  Siphlonurus rapidus sp.n.  
  Cinygma bipunctata sp.n.  

McDunnough J. 1924:221-226. * ' +
New North American Ephemeridae. // The Canadian Entomologist 56: 221226. PDF ; http://dx.doi.org/10.4039/Ent56221-9

Leptophlebia associata sp.n.
Leptophlebia brunneipennis sp.n.
Choroterpes albiannulata sp.n.
Ephemerella infrequens sp.n.
Ephemerella norda sp.n.
Ephemerella tibialis sp.n.
Siphlonurus berenice = S. novangliae
Siphlonurus barbarus
Heptagenia kennedyi sp.n.
Heptagenia flavianula sp.n.
Ecdyonurus lyriformis sp.n.

McDunnough J. 1925:41-43. * ' +
New Ephemerella species (Ephemeroptera). // The Canadian Entomologist 57(2): 4143. PDF
  Ephemerella simplex sp.n.  
  Ephemerella attenuata sp.n.  
  Ephemerella sordida sp.n.  
  Ephemerella atrescens sp.n.  

McDunnough J. 1925:168-192. * ' +
New Canadian Ephemeridae with notes. III. // The Canadian Entomologist 57(7): 168176, (8): 185192. PDF

Cloeon simplex sp.n.

Cloeon insignificans sp.n.

Siphlonurus quebecensis

Siphlonurus columbianus sp.n.

Metretopus norvegicus

Iron humeralis

Iron suffusus sp.n.

Iron punctatus sp.n.

Anepeorus rusticalis gen.sp.n.

Ecdyonurus femoratus

Ecdyonurus pudicus

Heptagenia impersonata sp.n.

Ephemerella excrucians

Ephemerella septentrionalis sp.n.

Ephemerella needhami sp.n.

Baetis brunneicolor sp.n.

Baetis spinosus sp.n.

Baetis frivolus sp.n.

Baetis pygmaeus

Baetis frondalis sp.n.

Baetis propinquus

Cloeon insignificans

Cloeon rubropicta

Neoephemera bicolor gen.sp.n.

Leptophlebia debilis

Heterocloeon gen.n.

Centroptilum caliginosum sp.n.

McDunnough J. 1925:207-223. * ' +
The Ephemeroptera of Covey Hill, Que. // Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada (Ser.3) 19(5): 207223. PDF

Ephemera varia

Ephemera guttata

Leptophlebia moerens

Leptophlebia guttata

Leptophlebia mollis

Leptophlebia johnsoni

Leptophlebia praepedita

Blasturus cupidus

Habrophlebia vibrans

Habrophlebiodes americana

Ephemerella funeralis sp.n.

Ephemerella temporalis

Ephemerella atrescens

Ephemerella dorothea

Ephemerella invaria

Ephemerella fratercula sp.n.

Baetis flavistriga

Baetis parvus

Baetis cingulatus sp.n.

Baetis levitans sp.n.

Baetis rusticalis sp.n.

Baetis pluto sp.n.

Baetis vagans sp.n.

Baetis incertans sp.n.

Pseudocloeon carolina

Centroptilum simile

Siphlonurus berenice

Iron pleuralis

Iron humeralis

Cinygma bipunctata

Ecdyonurus carolina

Ecdyonurus canadensis

Ecdyonurus fusca

Ecdyonurus vicarius

Heptagenia pullus

Heptagenia juno

Heptagenia hebe

McDunnough J. 1926:184-196. * ' +
Notes on North American Ephemeroptera with descriptions of new species. // The Canadian Entomologist 58(8): 184196. PDF

Ephoron leucon

Pentagenia vittigera = quadripunctata

Pentagenia robusta sp.n.

Potamanthus verticis = flaveola

Potamanthus myops

Ephemerella tibialis

Ephemerella coxalis sp.n.

Ephemerella inflata sp.n.

Ephemerella flavilineata sp.n.

Ephemerella rotunda ?= feminina

Baetis akataleptos sp.n.

Baetis thermophilos sp.n.

Centroptilum semirufa sp.n.

Centroptilum album sp.n.

Cloeon minor sp.n.

Siphlonurus luridipennis

Ecdyonurus mediopunctatus sp.n.

Ecdyonurus bipunctatus sp.n.

Ecdyonurus ruber sp.n.

Heptagenia walshi sp.n.

Heptagenia minerva

Heptagenia aphrodite sp.n.

Rhithrogena doddsi sp.n.

McDunnough J. 1926:296-303. (*) ' +
New Canadian Ephemeridae with notes. IV. // The Canadian Entomologist 58(12): 296303. PDF ; http://dx.doi.org/10.4039/Ent58296-12

Leptophlebia pallipes

Leptophlebia vicaria

Leptophlebia temporalis sp.n.

Leptophlebia invalida sp.n.

Leptophlebia ontario sp.n.

Leptophlebia bicornuta sp.n.

Leptophlebia debilis

Ephemerella semiflava sp.n.

Baetis insignificans sp.n.

Siphlonurus securifer sp.n.

Heptagenia perfida sp.n.

Heptagenia horrida sp.n.

Heptagenia solitaria

Cinygma integrum

Cinygma deceptivosa ?Iron

Cinygma mimur-par-gr. ?gen.n. ?Iron

McDunnough J. 1927:10. * ' +
A new Ephemerella from Illinois (Ephemeroptera). // The Canadian Entomologist 59: 10. PDF
Ephemerella frisoni sp.n.  

McDunnough J. 1927:116-120. * ' +
Notes on the species of the genus Hexagenia with description of a new species (Ephemeroptera). // The Canadian Entomologist 59: 116120. PDF
  Hexagenia bilineata  
  Hexagenia atrocaudata  
  Hexagenia rigida  
  Hexagenia affiliata
  Hexagenia viridescens  

McDunnough J. 1927:261. * ' +
A new Heptagenia from the Yellowstone Region (Ephemeroptera). // The Canadian Entomologist 59: 261. PDF
  Heptagenia criddlei sp.n.  

McDunnough J. 1928:8-10. * ' +
The Ephemeroptera of Jasper Park, Alta. // The Canadian Entomologist 60: 810. PDF

Leptophlebia pallipes

Leptophlebia debilis

Ephemerella (Eatonella) doddsi

Ephemerella tibialis

Baetis parvus

Siphlonurus occidentalis

Ameletus subnotatus

Ameletus velox

Ameletus validus

Ameletus similor sp.n.

Ametropus neavei

McDunnough J. 1928:238-240. * +
Ephemerid notes with description of a new species. // The Canadian Entomologist 60: 238240.
  Ephemerella cornuta = E. dorothea: McDunnough 1925  
  Ephemerella infrequens = E. inermis: Needham 1927
  Baetis pluto = B. rusticans, partim
  Cinygma ramaleyi = Iron tollandi  
  Rhithrogena anomala

McDunnough J. 1929. * ' +
Notes on North American Ephemeroptera with descriptions of new species. II. // The Canadian Entomologist 61: 169180. PDF ; http://dx.doi.org/10.4039/Ent61169-8

Leptophlebia adoptiva sp.n.

Ephemerella flavilinea

Ephemerella tibialis

Ephemerella deficiens

Ephemerella heterocaudata sp.n.

Centroptilum bifurcatum

Centroptilum conturbatum sp.n.

Centroptilum walshi sp.n.

Ameletus cooki sp.n.

Ameletus similor

Siphlonurus barbaroides sp.n.

Epeorus albertae

Iron deceptiva

Cinygma tarda sp.n.

Anepeorus simplex

Heptagenia persimplex sp.n.

Heptagenia cruentata

Rhithrogena robusta

McDunnough J. 1931:30-42,61-68. * ' +
The bicolor group of the genus Ephemerella with particular reference to the nymphal stages (Ephemeroptera). // The Canadian Entomologist 63: 3042, 6168, pl. 25. PDF

Ephemerella lutulenta

Ephemerella temporalis

Ephemerella coxalis

Ephemerella funeralis

Ephemerella prudentalis sp.n.

Ephemerella bicolor

Ephemerella minimella sp.n.

Ephemerella aestiva sp.n.

Ephemerella verisimilis

McDunnough J. 1931:82-93. * ' +
New species of North American Ephemeroptera. // The Canadian Entomologist 63: 8293. PDF

Thraulus albertanus sp.n.

Ephemerella cornutella sp.n.

Ephemerella serratoides sp.n.

Ephemerella subvaria sp.n.

Pseudocloeon dubium

Pseudocloeon carolina

Pseudocloeon cingulatum sp.n.

Pseudocloeon rubrolaterale sp.n.

Pseudocloeon futile sp.n.

Centroptilum quaesitum sp.n.

Centroptilum intermediale sp.n.

Cloeon triangulifer sp.n.

Ameletus sparsatus sp.n.

Siphlonurus autumnalis sp.n.

Siphlonurus inflatus sp.n.

Pseudiron centralis gen.sp.n.

Heptagenia umbratica sp.n.

Heptagenia rusticalis sp.n.

McDunnough J. 1931:157-163. * ' +
The genus Isonychia (Ephemeroptera). // The Canadian Entomologist 63: 157163. PDF

Isonychia arida

Isonychia georgiae sp.n.

Isonychia sicca

Isonychia sicca var. manca

Isonychia sicca var. campestris

Isonychia bicolor

Isonychia rufa sp.n.

McDunnough J. 1931:187-197,201-216. * ' +
The eastern North American species of the genus Ephemerella and their nymphs (Ephemeroptera). // The Canadian Entomologist 63: 187197, 201216. PDF

section I (typical)

Ephemerella excrucians

Ephemerella semiflava

Ephemerella dorothea

Ephemerella subvaria

Ephemerella rotunda

Ephemerella invaria

Ephemerella fratercula

Ephemerella aurivillii

Ephemerella septentrionalis

Ephemerella needhami

section II

Ephemerella seficiens

Ephemerella sordida

Ephemerella frisoni

Ephemerella molita

Ephemerella serrata

Ephemerella serratoides

section III

Ephemerella simplex

Ephemerella attenuata

Ephemerella margarita

section IV

Ephemerella lata

Ephemerella cornutella

Ephemerella cornuta

Ephemerella depressa

Ephemerella tuberculata

Ephemerella fuscata

McDunnough J. 1931:254-268. * +
New North American Caeninae with notes (Ephemeroptera). // The Canadian Entomologist 63: 254268.

Caenis hilaris

Caenis ridens sp.n.

Caenis diminuta

Caenis amica

Caenis punctata sp.n.

Caenis tardata sp.n.

Caenis jocosa sp.n.

Caenis forcipata sp.n.

Caenis latipennis sp.n.

Caenis simulans sp.n.

Eurycaenis prudens sp.n.

Tricorythodes allectus

Tricorythodes atratus

Tricorythodes stygiatus sp.n.

Tricorythodes explicatus

McDunnough J. 1932:78-81. * ' +
Further notes on the Ephemeroptera of the north shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. // The Canadian Entomologist 64: 7881. PDF

McDunnough J. 1932:209-215. * ' +
New species of North American Ephemeroptera II. // The Canadian Entomologist 64: 209215. PDF ; http://dx.doi.org/10.4039/Ent64209-9

Leptophlebia strigula sp.n.

Pseudocloeon parvulum sp.n.

Pseudocloeon dubium

Pseudocloeon punctuventris

Pseudocloeon virile

Pseudocloeon carolina

Pseudocloeon cingulatum

Baetisca callosa

Baetisca obesa

Baetisca laurentina sp.n.

Baetisca carolina

Baetisca lacustris sp.n.

McDunnough J. 1933:16-24,33-43. * ' +
Notes on the Heptagenine species described by Clemens from the Georgian Bay Region, Ont. (Ephemerop.). // The Canadian Entomologist 65: 1624, 3343. PDF

Ecdyonurus rubromaculatus

Ecdyonurus nepotellus sp.n.
Ecdyonurus pulchellus

Ecdyonurus ruber

Ecdyonurus luteus

Ecdyonurus fuscus

Ecdyonurus rivulicolis sp.n.

Ecdyonurus heterotarsalis

McDunnough J. 1933:73-76. (*) ' +
The nymph of Cinygma integrum and description of a new heptagenine genus. // The Canadian Entomologist 65(4): 7376. PDF
  Cinygma integrum  
  Cinygmula ramaleyi  

McDunnough J. 1933:155-158. (*) ' +
New species of North American Ephemeroptera III. // The Canadian Entomologist 65(7): 155158. PDF
  Leptophlebia clara sp.n.  
  Blasturus pacificus sp.n.  
  Ameletus vancouverensis sp.n.  
  Ameletus oregonensis sp.n.  

McDunnough J. 1933:278-281. (*) ' +
New Ephemeroptera from the Gaspe Peninsula. // The Canadian Entomologist 65(12): 278281. PDF
  Ameletus browni sp.n.  
  Rhithrogena gaspeensis sp.n.  
  Rhithrogena brunneotincta sp.n.  

McDunnough J. 1934. * ' +
New species of North American Ephemeroptera IV. // The Canadian Entomologist 66: 154164, 181188. PDF


Ephemerella ingens sp.n.
Ephemerella flavitincta sp.n.
Ephemerella spinifera sp.n.
Ephemerella autumnalis sp.n.

Ameletus velox
Ameletus celer
Ameletus celeroides sp.n.
Ameletus alticolus sp.n.
Ameletus aequivocus sp.n.

Cinygma integum

Cinygma dimicki sp.n.

Cinygma gartelli sp.n.

Cinygmula uniformis sp.n.

Cinygmula reticulata sp.n.

Rhithrogena virilis sp.n.
Rhithrogena futilis

Rhithrogena morrisoni

Rhithrogena flavianula

Rhithrogena brunnea

Rhithrogena doddsi

Rhithrogena petulans

McDunnough J. 1935. * ' +
Notes on western species of Ephemeroptera. // The Canadian Entomologist 67: 95104. PDF

Ephemerella flavianula

Ephemerella lapidula sp.n.

Ephemerella columbiella sp.n.

Ephemerella hystrix

Ephemerella hecuba

Ameletus sparsatus

Ameletus cooki

Ameletus validus

Ameletus similor

Iron dulciana sp.n.

Heptagenia otiosa sp.n.

McDunnough J. 1936:32-34. * ' +
A new Arctic baetid (Ephemeroptera). // The Canadian Entomologist 68: 3234. PDF
Baetis foemina sp.n.  

McDunnough J. 1936:207-211. * ' +
Further notes on the genus Ameletus with descriptions of new species (Ephem.). // The Canadian Entomologist 68: 207211. PDF
  Ameletus oregonensis  
  Ameletus vernalis  
  Ameletus connectus
  Ameletus suffusus sp.n.  

McDunnough J. 1938. * ' +
New species of North American Ephemeroptera with critical notes. // The Canadian Entomologist 70: 2334. PDF

Ephemerella bicoloroides sp.n.

Baetis jesmondensis sp.n.

Centroptilum victoriae sp.n.

Ameletus tertius sp.n.

Ameletus querulus sp.n.

Ameletus falsus sp.n.

Parameletus columbiae sp.n.

Iron pleuralis = confusus

Iron fragilis = tenuis

Iron proprius

Iron (Epeorus) albertae = youngi

McDunnough J. 1939. (*) ' +
New British Columbian Ephemeroptera. // The Canadian Entomologist 71: 4954. PDF
  Ephemerella jacobi sp.n.  
  Ameletus connectina sp.n.  
  Ameletus tuberculatus sp.n.  
  Baetis persecuta sp.n.  
  Tricorythodes fallacina sp.n.  

McDunnough J. 1942. * ' +
An apparently new Thraulodes from Arizona (Ephemerida). // The Canadian Entomologist 74: 117. PDF
  Thraulodes arizonicus sp.n.  

McDunnough J. 1943. * ' +
A new Cinygmula from British Columbia (Ephemeroptera). // The Canadian Entomologist 75: 3. PDF
Cinygmula kootenai sp.n.