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Gillies M.T.

Gillies M.T. 1949. * ' +
Notes on some Ephemeroptera Baëtidae from India and South-East Asia. // Transactions of the Royal Entomological Society London 100: 161177.  PDF

Baetis dipsicus sp.n.
Baetis palmyrae sp.n.
Baetis fluitans sp.n.
Baetis tigroides sp.n.
Baetis thurbonis sp.n.

Baetis solitarius sp.n.
Baetis sp.1, sp.2, sp.3
Pseudocloeon kraepelini
Pseudocloeon inopinum
Centroptilum campestre sp.n.

Cloeon bicolor
Cloeon viridis
Cloeon siccum
Cloeon septimum sp.n.
Cloeon julia sp.n.

Procloeon bimaculatum
Procloeon harveyi

Gillies M.T. 1951. +
Association of a chironomid (Diptera) larva with Ephemera danica L. (Ephemeroptera). // Entomologist's Monthly Magazine 87: 200201. 

Gillies M.T. 1951:121-130. * ' +
Further notes on Ephemeroptera from India and South East Asia.  // Proceedings of the Royal Entomological Society of London (B) 20: 121130.  PDF

Povilla combodjensis

Polymitarcys indicus

Thraulus hindustanicus sp.n.

Thraululus parvulus sp.n.

Habrophlebioides semicastanea sp.n.

Cryptopenella facialis gen.sp.n.

Isca purpurea gen.sp.n.

Gillies M.T. 1954. (*) ' +
The adult stages of Prosopistoma Latreille (Ephemeroptera), with descriptions of two new species from Africa. // Transactions of the Royal Entomological Society of London 105: 355372.  PDF
  Prosopistoma africanum sp.n.   
  Prosopistoma crassi sp.n. 

Gillies M.T. 1956. (*) ' + _
A supplementary note on Prosopistoma Latreille (Ephemeroptera). // Proceedings of the Royal Entomological Society of London (A) 31 (10/12): 165166.  PDF

Gillies MT. 1957. (*) ' +
New records and species of Euthraulus Barnard (Ephemeroptera) from East Africa and the Oriental Region. // Proceedings of the Royal Entomological Society of London (B) 26: 4348.  PDF
  Euthraulus bugandensis  
  Euthraulus tropicalis
  Euthraulus usambarae sp.n.  
  Euthraulus marginatus  
  Euthraulus parvulus  
  Euthraulus trifurcatus  
  Euthraulus sp.A, sp.B  

Gillies M.T. 1960. * ' +
A new genus of Tricorythidae (Ephemeroptera) from East Africa. // Proceedings of the Royal Entomological Society of London (B) 29(34): 3540.  PDF
  Ephemerythus niger gen.sp.n.  
  Ephemerythus pictus sp.n.  
  Ephemerythus kiboensis sp.n.  

Gillies M.T. (1962)1963. * ' +
A list of Ephemeroptera in the National Museum, Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia. // Entomologist's Monthly Magazine 98: 232233.  PDF

Gillies M.T. 1974. * ' +
Three new species of Elassoneuria from tropical Africa. // Journal of Entomology (B) 43(1): 7382. PDF 
  Elassoneuria disneyi sp.n.  
  Elassoneuria kidahi sp.n.
  Elassoneuria congolana
  Elassoneuria grandis

Gillies M.T. 1977. * ' +
A new genus of Caenidae (Ephemeroptera) from East Afrika. // Journal of Natural History 11: 451455. PDF 
  Caenopsella meridies gen.sp.n.  
  Caenopsella major sp.n.  

Gillies M.T. 1979. * ' +
Cloeon pusillum
Navas, a species of Afrobaetodes Demoulin (Ephemeroptera: Baetidae). // Entomologist's Monthly Magazine (1978) 114: 153154.  PDF

Gillies M.T. 1979. * ' + # _
Polymorphism in the turbinate eyes of an African Cloeon (Ephemeroptera: Baetidae). // Entomologist's Monthly Magazine (1978) 114: 155.  PDF
  Cloeon cylidroculum  
  Cloeon areolatum  

Gillies M.T. 1980. * ' +
An introduction to the study of Cloeon Leach (Baetidae, Ephemeroptera) in West Africa. // Bulletin de l'Institut Français d'Afrique Noire (sér.A) 42(1): 135156.  PDF


Cloeon smaeleni = C. punctatum

Cloeon areolatum

Cloeon bellum

Cloeon cylindroculum

Cloeon dentatum

Cloeon gambiae

Cloeon perkinsi

Cloeon rhodesiae

Cloeon scitulum

Gillies M.T. 1980. * ' +
The African Euthyplociidae (Ephemeroptera) (Exeuthyplociinae subfam. n.). // Aquatic Insects 2(4): 217224.  PDF
  Exeuthyplocia minima  
  Afroplocia sampsoni  

Gillies M.T. 1982. * ' +
A second large-eyed genus of Caenidae (Ephemeroptera) from Africa. // Journal of Natural History 16: 1522.  PDF
  Afrocaenis gen.n.
  Afrocaenis major  
  Afrocaenis browni
  Afrocaenis sp.   

Gillies M.T. 1984:IV.Conf.Eph.. * ' +
On the synonymy of Notonurus Crass with Compsoneuriella Ulmer (Heptageniidae). // In: Landa V. & Soldаn T. & Tonner M. (eds). Proc. 4th Int. Conf. Ephemeroptera, Bechyne, 410 September 1983. Czechoslovak Acad. Sci., Cseske Budejovice:. 2125. PDF

Gillies M.T. 1985. * ' +
A preliminary account of the East African species of Cloeon Leach and Rhithrocloeon gen. n. (Ephemeroptera). // Aquatic Insects 7(1): 117. PDF http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/01650428509361193 


Rhithrocloeon gen.n.

Rhithrocloeon indicator sp.n.

Rhithrocloeon permirum

Rhithrocloeon insuetum

Cloeon amaniensis sp.n.

Cloeon tanzaniae sp.n.

Cloeon africanum auct.

Cloeon marginale auct.

Cloeon areolatum

Cloeon cylindroculum

Cloeon dentatum

Cloeon perkinsi

Cloeon rhodesiae

Cloeon scitulum

Cloeon smaeleni

Cloeon virgiliae

Cloeon viridellum

Cloeon bellum

Gillies M.T. 1988. * ' +
Descriptions of the nymphs of some Afrotropical Baetidae (Ephemeroptera). I. Cloeon Leach and Rhithrocloeon Gillies. // Aquatic Insects 10(1): 4959.  PDF https://doi.org/10.1080/01650428809361310


Cloeon areolatum

Cloeon dentatum

Rhithrocloeon indicator

Rhithrocloeon permirum

Gillies M.T. 1989. * ' +
Occurrence of Rhithrocloeon (Baetidae: Ephemeroptera) in West Africa. // Revue d'Hydrobiologie Tropicale 22: 287288.  PDF
  Rhithrocloeon elouardi sp.n.  

Gillies M.T. 1990:207-208. * ' + _
A new genus for the Afrotropical mayfly, Cloeon dentatum Kimmins (Ephem., Baetidae). // Entomologist's Monthly Magazine 126: 207208.  PDF
  Potamocloeon gen.n.  

Gillies M.T. 1990:97-128. * ' +
A revision of the African species of Centroptilum Eaton (Baetidae, Ephemeroptera). // Aquatic Insects 12(2): 97128. PDF https://doi.org/10.1080/01650429009361395




subgen. Afroptilum 

subgen Afroptiloides 

D. crassi

gr. sudafricanum:

A. biarcuatum

A. bicorne

A. boettgeri

A. decipiens sp.n.

A. dicentrum

A. erepens sp.n.

A. montanum

A. parvum

A. spinulosum

A. sudafricanum

gr. tarsale:

A. badium

A. falcatum

A. flavum

A. indusii

A. loweae

A. medium

A. tarsale sp.n.

A. vitreum

gr. sudanense:

A. griseum sp.n.

A. guineense sp.n.

A. nitidum

A. notabile

A. sudanense

gr. dimorphicum:

A. dimorphicum

A. excisum

A. bicaudatum sp.n.

A. verum

A. spp.

Gillies M.T. 1990:15-39. * ' +
A revision of the Argentine species of Callibaetis Eaton (Baetidae; Ephemeroptera). // Revista de la Sociedad Entomologica Argentina 48(14): 1539.  PDF


Callibaetis abundans - nomen nudum

Callibaetis fasciatus

Callibaetis guttatus

Callibaetis jocosus

Callibaetis radiatus

Callibaetis sellacki

Callibaetis willineri

Callibaetis zonalis

Gillies M.T. 1990:17-23. ' +
Development of the mayfly Siphlonurus armatus in two southern English rivers (Siphlonuridae: Ephemeroptera). // The Entomologist 109(1): 1723. PDF 

Gillies M.T. 1991:VI.Conf.Eph.. * ' +
A diphyletic origin for the two-tailed baetid nymphs occurring in East African stony streams with a description of the new genus and species Tanzaniella spinosa gen.nov. sp.nov. // In: Alba-Tercedor J. & Sanchez-Ortega A. (eds). Overview and strategies of Ephemeroptera and Plecoptera (Proc. 6th Int. Congf. Ephemeroptera & 10th Int. Symp. Plecoptera, 2430 July 1989, Granada, Spain). Sandhill Crane Press, Gainesville: 175187. PDF 

Gillies M.T. 1991. * ' +
A new species of Afroptilum (Afroptiloides) from East Africa (Ephem., Baetidae). // Entomologist's Monthly Magazine 127: 109115. PDF 
  Afroptilum (Afroptiloides) varium  
(Afroptiloides) bicaudatum  
(Afroptiloides) variegatum sp.n.  
  Afroptilum (Afroptiloides) sp. 

Gillies M.T. 1991. * ' +
New records and a new species of Afrobaetodes Demoulin (Baetidae, Ephemeroptera) from Tanzania. // Revue d'Hydrobiologie Tropicale 24: 105110.  PDF
  Afrobaetodes berneri  
  Afrobaetodes pugio

Gillies M.T. 1992. * ' +  
A new synonym and distribution records of Afroptilum sudafricanum Lestage (Baetidae Ephemeroptera) from the East African Highlands. // Journal of the Entomological Society of Southern Africa 55(1): 3338. PDF
  Afroptilum sudafricanum = A. montanum  

Gillies M.T. 1993. * ' +
Descriptions of some Afrotropical Baetidae (Ephemeroptera) II. Baetis Leach, s.l., West African species. // Aquatic Insects 15(4): 213223.  PDF
  Baetis boussoulus sp.n.  
  Baetis elouardi sp.n.  
  Baetis gambiae sp.n.  

Gillies M.T. 1994. * ' +
Description of some Afrotropical Baetidae (Ephemeroptera): II. Baetis Leach, s.l., East African species. // Aquatic Insects 16(2): 105118. PDF
  Baetis mtonis sp.n.  
  Baetis spatulatus sp.n.  
  Baetis tripunctatus 
  Baetis monikae  

Gillies M.T. 1997:VIII.Conf.Eph.. * ' + #
Gill mobility in the Baetidae (Ephemeroptera): Results of a short study in Africa. // In: Landolt P. & Sartori M. (eds). Ephemeroptera & Plecoptera. Biology-Ecology-Systematics. (Proc. 8th Int. Conf. Ephemeroptera & 12th Int. Symp. Plecoptera, 1420 August 1995, Lausanne, Switzerland). Mauron+Tinguely & Lacht SA, Fribourg / Switzerland: 113116. PDF

Gillies M.T. 1997:247-250. * +
A new species of Procloeon Bengtsson from the forest zone of West Africa (Ephemeroptera, Baetidae). // Entomologist's Monthly Magazine 133: 247250. PDF
  Procloeon silvicola sp.n.  
  Procloeon cylindroculum  
  Cloeon smaeleni  

Gillies M.T. 1999:49-57. ' +
The mayflies of the Upper River Sigi, north-east Tanzania. // Freshwater Forum 10: 4957. PDF ; aquatic commons

Gillies M.T. 1999:197-203. * ' + _
Reinstatement of Afroptiloides as a genus (Baetidae, Ephemeroptera). // Aquatic Insects 21: 197203.  PDF

Gillies M.T. 2001:331-335. * ' +
A new species of Aturbina (Ephemeroptera, Baetidae) Lugo-Ortiz and McCafferty from Uruguay. // In: Dominguez E. (ed.). Trends in research in Ephemeroptera and Plecoptera (Proc. IX Int. Conf. on Ephemeroptera & XIII Int. Symp. on Plecoptera, 1623 Aug. 1998, Tafi de Valle, Tucuman, Argentina). Kluwer Academic/Plenum Press, New York: 331335. PDF
  Aturbina beatrixae sp.n.  

Gillies M.T. 2001:23-32. * ' +
New species of Baetidae (Ephemeroptera) from the Upper River Sigi, Usambara, Tanzania. // Journal of Natural History 35: 2332.  PDF https://doi.org/10.1080/002229301447862
  Cheleocloeon sigiense sp.n.  
  Centroptiloides ornatus sp.n.  
  Centroptiloides bifasciatus  
  Afroptiloides variegatum  

Gillies M.T. & Elouard J.-M. 1990:V.Conf.Eph.. * ' +
The mayfly-mussel association, a new example from the river Niger basin. // In: Campbell J.C. (ed.). Mayflies and Stoneflies (Proc. 5th Int. Conf. Ephemeroptera & 9th Int. Symp. Plecoptera 1824 February 1987, Marysville, Australia). Kluwer Acad. Publ.: 289297. PDF
  Mutelocloeon bihoumi gen.sp.n.  
  Mutelocloeon corbeti  

Gillies M.T. & Elouard J.-M. & Wuillot J. 1990. * ' +
Ephemeroptera from West Africa: the genus Ophelmatostoma (Baetidae). // Revue d'Hydrobiologie Tropicale 23: 115120.  PDF
  Ophelmatostoma camerunense = kimminsi  

Gillies M.T. & Knowles R.J. 1990:V.Conf.Eph.. * ' + #
Colonization of a parthenogenetic mayfly (Caenidae: Ephemeroptera) from Central Africa. // In: Campbell I.C. (ed.). Mayflies and Stoneflies: Life Histories and Biology. (Proc. 5th Int. Conf. Ephemeroptera & 9th Int. Symp. Plecoptera, 1824 February 1987, Marysville, Australia). Kluwer Acad. Publ, Dordrecht: 341345. PDF

Gillies M.T. & Thorpe J.R. 1996. ?
When is a spine not a spine? A new look at an old problem in the taxonomy of the Baetidae (Ephemeroptera). // The Entomologist 115: 8690.

Gillies M.T. & Wuillot J. 1997. * ' +
, a new genus of Baetidae (Ephemeroptera) from East Africa. // Aquatic Insects 19: 185189. PDF
  Platycloeon gen.n.
  Platycloeon erepens 
  Platycloeon cooperi