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Banks N.

Banks N. 1892. !! _
A synopsis, catalogue, and bibliography of the neuropteroid insects of temperate North America. // Transactions of the American Entomological Society 19: 327373. 

Banks N. 1894. * +
On a collection of neuropteroid insects from Kansas. // Entomological News 5: 178179.

Banks N. 1900:239-259. ' +
New genera and species of Nearctic Neuropteroid insect. // Transactions of the American Entomological Society 26: 239259.  PDF

tribus Baetiscini
  gen. Baetisca
tribus Leptophlebiini
  gen. Heptagenia

  gen. Leptophlebia

tribus Siphlurini

  gen. Ephemerella

  gen. Siphlurus

tribus Ephemerini

  gen. Pentagenia

  gen. Ephemera

  gen. Hexagenia

tribus Polymitarcini

  gen. Polymitarcys

  gen. Jolia ?

tribus Baetini
  gen. Cloeon

  gen. Baetis

  gen. Centroptilum

  gen. Callibaetis

Leptophlebia basalis sp.n.


Callibaetis montanus

Callibaetis floridanus sp.n.

Callibaetis fluctuans

Callibaetis californicus sp.n.

Callibaetis undatus

Callibaetis tesselatus

Callibaetis americanus sp.n.

Callibaetis coloradensis sp.n.

Callibaetis ferrugineus

Callibaetis pallidus

Banks N. 1900. +
Papers from the Harriman Alaska expedition. X. Entomological results (4): Neuropteroid insects. // Proceedings of the Washington Academy of Sciences 2: 465476, pl. 2728.
  Ephemerella grandis  

Banks N. 1901. +
A list of neuropteroid insects from Mexico. // Transactions of the American Entomological Society 27: 361371, pl.12.

Banks N. 1903. * ' +
A new species of Habrophlebia. // Entomological News 14: 235. PDF
Habrophlebia americana sp.n.  

Banks N. 1903. +
Neuropteroid insects from Arizona. // Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 5: 237245. 

Banks N. 1904. !!
A list of neuropteroid insects, exclusive of Odonata, from the vicinity of Washington, D.C. // Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 6: 201217. 

Banks N. 1904. +
Neuropteroid insects from New Mexico. // Transactions of the American Entomological Society 30: 97110, pl.1.

Banks N. 1905. (-)
Notes on entomology. // Science (N.S.) 20: 155156.

Banks N. (in Baker C.F. 1905). + __
Notes on neuropteroid insects of the Pacific Coast of North America with descriptions of new species by Nathan Banks. // Invertebrata Pacifica 1: 8591. 

Banks N. 1907:13-14. * ' +
A new mayfly of the genus Caenis. // Entomological News 18: 1314. PDF
  Caenis latipennis sp.n.  

Banks N. 1907:1-53. ' +
Catalogue of the neuropteroid insects (except Odonata) of the United States. // American Entomological Society: 153. PDF

Banks N. 1908. +
A list of neuropteroid insects from North Carolina. // Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 9: 149156.

Banks N. 1908:255-267. ' +
Neuropteroid insects notes and descriptions. // Transactions of the American Entomological Society 34: 255267.  PDF
Potamanthus medius sp.n.  

Banks N. 1910. * ' +
Notes on our eastern species of the May-fly genus Heptagenia. // Canadian Entomologist 21: 197202.  PDF

Heptagenia verticis

Heptagenia marginalis sp.n.

Heptagenia frontalis sp.n.

Heptagenia interpunctata

Heptagenia canadensis

Heptagenia maculipennis

Heptagenia simplex

Heptagenia flavescens

Heptagenia placita sp.n.

Heptagenia tripunctata sp.n.

Heptagenia pulchella

Heptagenia luridipennis

Heptagenia terminata

Heptagenia (Epeorus) pleuralis sp.n.

Heptagenia (Epeorus) modestus sp.n.

Heptagenia (Epeorus) californicus sp.n.

Banks N. 1913:137-143. * ' +
New exotic neuropteroid insects. // Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 15: 137143.  PDF
Ephemera vedana sp.n.  
  Cloeon pulchella sp.n.  

Banks N. 1913:83-89. * ' +
The Stanford Expedition to Brazil. 1911. Neuropteroid insects from Brazil. // Psyche 20: 8389, pl.4.  PDF
  Campsurus dorsalis  
  C. latipennis  
  Spaniophlebia assimilis sp.n.  
  Tricorythus australis sp.n.  
  Baetis oldendorffi  

Banks N. 1914. * ' +
New neuropteroid insects, native and exotic. // Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 66: 608632, pl.28. PDF

Anagenesia greeni sp.n.
Hexagenia callineura sp.n.
Rhoenanthus posticus sp.n.
Leptophlebia assimilis sp.n.

Ephemerella vernalis sp.n.
Habrophlebia jocosa sp.n.
Callibaetis semicostata sp.n.
Callibaetis pretiosa sp.n.

Heptagenia coxalis sp.n.
Heptagenia subaequalis sp.n.
Heptagenia carolina sp.n.

Banks N. 1914. (-)
Zoological results of the Abor expedition, 191112. Neuropteroid insects. // Records of the Indian Museum 8(4)26: 351356, pl. 25.

Banks N. 1918. ' +
New neuropteroid insects. // Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 62(1): 122, pl.12. PDF

Euthyplocia intercalata sp.n.
Campsurus parishi
Thraulis trijuncta
Callibaetis nigrivenosa sp.n. 
C. signata
C. nigrita

Banks N. 1924. ' +
Descriptions of new neruopteroid insects. // Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 65(12): 419455, pl.14.  PDF

Hagenulus eatoni sp.n.
Rhithrogena hespera
Epeorus morrisoni

Epeorus undulatus sp.n.

Baetis lasallei sp.n.
B. paralella
Cloeon carolina

Banks N. 1930. ' +
Some new neotropical neuropteroid insects. // Psyche 37: 183188.  PDF
  Callibaetis completa sp.n.