(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna Bidentiseta Furcatergaliae  
Ephemerella/fg1 Pantricorythi Melanemerella/f1=Teloganodes/g1 - Melanemerella/f2=Teloganodes/g2)

Nomen hierarchicum:  Melanemerella/f2=Teloganodes/g2 [f:1955; g:1882] (sine Ephemerellina, Indoganodes; incl. Teloganella)

In circumscription fits:



Autapomorphy of Melanemerella/f2=Teloganodes/g2.

(1) Tergalii beginning from pair III [located under operculate tergalii II see Melanemerella/f1=Teloganodes/g1 (1)], have dorsal lobe divided into two branches costal and anal ones; costal rib is located on the costal branch, and anal rib on the anal branch [ventral lobe is bifurcate with processes, like that of pair II see Ephemerella/fg1 (7)]. In Teloganodes/f1=g3 the costal and anal branches are separated by a deep cleft [see Teloganodes/f1=g3 (1) below]. In Melanemerella/f3=g1 the costal and anal branches are separated by a shallow incision (Molineri & Dominguez 2003: Fig.20-22). In Teloganella the costal and anal branches are separated only by a longitudinal groove, so dorsal lamella retains integral outline, but its tissues with tracheae form two branches by sides of this groove (Kluge & al. 2015: Fig.3).

Size. Fore wing length 412 mm.

Distribution. Oriental Region.

The taxon Melanemerella/f2=Teloganodes/g2 is divided into:

1. Teloganella

2. Teloganodes/f1=g3

3. Melanemerella/f3=g1