(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna Bidentiseta Furcatergaliae  
Ephemerella/fg1 Pantricorythi - Melanemerella/f1=Teloganodes/g1)

Nomen hierarchicum: Melanemerella/f1=Teloganodes/g1 [f:1955; g:1882] (incl. Ephemerellina, Indoganodes, Teloganella)

In circumscription fits:

 fam. Teloganodidae: ???


Characters of Melanemerella/f1=Teloganodes/g1 of unclear phylogenetic status. 

(1) Tergalii have operculate specialization: tergalii II are larger than others and serve as gill opercula, completely or partly covering other tergalii; tergalii VII are lost; tergalii VI if present, are diminished and lack ventral lobe. The same in some Tricoryptera Ephemerythus, Machadorythus and Leptohyphes/fg1 (see Table and Index of characters [1.3.39] and [1.3.21]).

(2) Fore wing with free marginal intercalaries (as in many other Ephemerella/fg1 see Index of characters [2.2.55]).

Plesiomorphies of Melanemerella/f1=Teloganodes/g1 (unlike Tricoryptera): Fore wing with expressed tornus and full venation  [see Ephemerella/fg1 (6)]; hind wings well developed.

Size. Fore wing length 412 mm.

Distribution. Oriental Region.

The taxon Melanemerella/f1=Teloganodes/g1 is divided into:

1. pm. Ephemerellina/g1

2. Melanemerella/f2=Teloganodes/g2

2.1. Teloganella

2.2. Teloganodes/f1=g3

2.3. Melanemerella/f3=g1