Plesiomorphon Proepeorus

(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna Bidentiseta Branchitergaliae
Heptagennota Pentamerotarsata Radulapalpata  Rhithrogena/fg1  
BleptusEpeorus/fg2IronodesEpeorus/fg3 - pm.Proepeorus)

Nomen hierarchicum: Proepeorus/g(1) [g:2004]

In circumscription fits:

— plesiomorphon Proepeorus/g(1): Kluge 2004: 204

References. Sinitshenkova 1981 (E. anatolii): '; – 1982 (E. rautiani): ' '; – Kluge 2004: * * *.

Plesiomorphies of Proepeorus. Unlike Epeorus/fg4, small median titillators [see Pentamerotarsata (5)] are present. Unlike Belovius/g1, tergalii II–VII have anal rib on anal margin. Unlike Iron/fg1, tergalius I [see Epeorus/fg2 (1)] is widened not so strongly, tergalii II–VII are long, and tergalius VII usually without longitudinal fold, only with smooth longitudinal concavity, which is not enough to allow tergalius to turn under abdomen (among the species examined, only dispar [Iron] has distinct longitudinal fold).

Size. Fore wing length 12–15 mm.

Distribution. Eastern Palaearctic and Nearctic.

Nominal species in Proepeorus/g(1):

anatolii Sinitshenkova 1981 [Epeorus] — typus nominis Proepeorus --/

dispar Traver 1933 [Iron]

falcatus Zhou (in Ma & Lei & Li & Zhou) 2021 [Epeorus (Proepeorus)]

gibbus Zhou (in Ma & Lei & Li & Zhou) 2021 [Epeorus (Proepeorus)]

humeralis Morgan 1911 [Epeorus] — syn.subj. vitrea [Palingenia]

nipponicus Ueno 1931 [Iron] ,

punctatus McDunnough 1925 [Iron]

rautiani Sinitshenkova 1982 [Epeorus] — syn.subj. anatolii [Epeorus]

 rubidus Traver 1933 [Iron] — syn.subj. vitrea [Palingenia]

 subpallidus Traver 1937 [Iron]

vitrea Walker 1853 [Palingenia] /

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