(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna Bidentiseta Furcatergaliae  
Fimbriatotergaliae Euthyplocia/fg1 - Polyplocia)

Nomen hierarchicum: Polyplocia/g(1) [g:1921]

In circumscription fits:

gen. Polyplocia Lestage 1921: 212

Polyplocia/g(1): Kluge 2004: 230

References. Ulmer 1939: ; Demoulin 1952e: ; 1953b: ; 1966c: ; Kluge 2004: * * *.

Characters of Polyplocia of unclear phylogenetic status (see Table).

(1) On fore wing just behind CuA there are 2 longitudinal intercalaries, which begin as a common stem and go parallel to CuA toward tornoapical margin; thus sigmoid veins going to basitornal margin of wing [see Plesiomorphies of Euthyplocia/fg1] arise not from CuA, but from the posteriormost of these intercalary veins (Demoulin 1952e: Fig.34; 1953b: Fig.1). Non-unique character (see Index of characters [2.2.51]); among Euthyplocia/fg1 intercalaries in cubital field are present also in Campylocia.

(2) Imaginal and subimaginal claws [except for blunt claws on fore legs of male imago see Euthyplocia/fg1 (10)] are similar, pointed. Non-unique apomorphy (see Index of characters [2.2.85]); among Euthyplocia/fg1 the same in Euthyplocia/fg2 and Campylocia, unlike Proboscidoplocia and Afroplocia.

(3) Gonostylus without distal segment [i.e. 1-segmented see Euthyplocia/fg1 (5)]. Non-unique apomorphy (see Index of characters [2.3.12]); among Euthyplocia/fg1 the same in Campylocia and Exeuthyplocia/fg1; probably, synapomorphy.

(4) In larva apex of fore tarsus with a projection dorsad of claw (Demoulin 1966c: Fig.1h). The same in Euthyplocia/fg2.

Plesiomorphy of Polyplocia. Imaginal paracercus is well-developed in both sexes (unlike Exeuthyplocia/fg1 and some Euthyplocia/fg2).

Size. Fore wing length 1220 mm. 

Distribution. Oriental Region.

Nominal species in Polyplocia/g(1):

campylociella Ulmer 1939 [Polyplocia]

crassinervis Ulmer 1939 [Polyplocia] syn.subj. campylociella [Polyplocia]

nebulosa Gonçalves & Peters 2016 [Polyplocia] ?

orientalis Nguyen & Bae 2003 [Polyplocia]

vitalisi Lestage 1921 [Polyplocia] typus nominis Polyplocia ?,/