(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna pm.Tridentiseta  
Siphlonurus/fg1 Parameletus/fg1 - Parameletus/fg2 )

Nomen hierarchicum: Parameletus/fg2 [f:1995; g;1908] (sine Siphlonisca).

In circumscription fits:

gen. Parameletus Bengtsson 1908: 242

gen. Potameis Bengtsson 1909: 15

gen. Sparrea Esben-Petersen 1909: 554

gen. Palmenia Aro 1910 (in Lestage 1924): 28

gen. Siphlonuroides McDunnough 1923: 48

Parameletus/fg2: Kluge 2004: 79

Synonyms: subjective synonyms of Parameletus/fg (typus P. chelifer) with conspecific type-species:

Eatonia/g [g:1904] (typus E. borealis) nom.praeocc.

Potameis/g [g:1909] (typus P. elegans)

Sparrea/g [g:1909] (typus S. norvegica)

Palmenia/g [g:1910] (typus P. fennica) (subjective synonymy: chelifer [P.] = borealis [E.] = elegans [P.] = norvegica [S.] = fennica [P.]).

Nominal taxon included:  

Siphlonuroides/g [g:1923] (typus S. croesus)

References. Needham & Traver & Hsu 1935: * *; Edmunds & Jensen & Berner 1976: * *; Soderstrom & Nilsson 1986: ; Kluge 2004: * * * *.

Autapomorphies of Parameletus/fg2.

(1) 2nd (penultimate) segment of labial palp with inner-apical projection (Bengtsson 1930: Fig.18). Non-unique apomorphy (see Index of characters [1.1.58]).

(2) On hind wing MP lacks triad, MP2 and iMP being lost; thus only two triads are present RS and MA [see Euplectoptera (1)] (Kluge 2004: Fig.19:C).

Plesiomorphies of Parameletus/fg2. Unlike Siphlonisca: maxilla with developed apical-ventral row of slightly pectinate setae [see Plesiomorphies of Siphlonurus/fg1]; imaginal and subimaginal abdomen has no lateral lobes.

Size. Fore wing length 1014 mm.

Distribution. Holarctic.

Nominal species in Parameletus/fg2:

arcuatus Tiunova 2008 [Parameletus]

borealis Bengtsson 1904 [Eatonia] nomen nudum typus nominis Eatonia syn.subj. chelifer [Parameletus]

chelifer Bengtsson 1908 [Parameletus] typus nominis Parameletus --/

columbiae McDunnough 1938 [Parameletus] ,

croesus McDunnough 1923 [Siphlonuroides] typus nominis Siphlonuroides

elegans Bengtsson 1909 [Potameis] typus nominis Potameis syn.subj. chelifer [Parameletus]

ensiformis Tiunova 2008 [Parameletus]

fennica Aro 1910 [Palmenia] typus nominis Palmenia syn.subj. chelifer [Parameletus]

midas McDunnough 1923 [Siphlonuroides]

minor Bengtsson 1909 [Potameis] --/

norvegica Esben-Petersen 1909 [Sparrea] typus nominis Sparrea syn.subj. chelifer [Parameletus]

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