(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna Bidentiseta Branchitergaliae  
Eusetisura Coloburiscus/fg1ColoburiscoidesColoburiscus/fg2 - Murphyella)

Nomen hierarchicum: Murphyella/g(1) [g:1930]

In circumscription fits:

gen. Murphyella Lestage 1930: 439

gen. Dictyosiphlon Lestage 1931c: 47

Murphyella/g(1): Kluge 2004: 128

Synonym: subjective synonym of Murphyella/g (typus M. needhami) with conspecific type-species is Dictyosiphlon/g [g:1931] (typus Heptagenia molinai) (subjective synonymy: needhami [M.] = molinai [D.])

References. Needham & Murphy 1924 ("Metamonius"): ; Lestage 1930a: ; 1935a: ; Demoulin 1955b: ; 1955b: ; Edmunds 1975: ; Kluge 2004: .

Autapomorphies of Murphyella.

(1) Tergalii of all pairs [see Coloburiscus/fg1 (6)] are lost. Unique apomorphy, not occurring in any other Euephemeroptera.

(2) Larval, subimaginal and imaginal paracercus is vestigial, 1-segmented [see Coloburiscus/fg2 (2)]. Non-unique apomorphy (see Index of characters [1.3.64]).

Size. Fore wing length 15 mm.

Distribution. Chile.

Nominal species in Murphyella/g(1): 1 sp.

molinai Navás 1930 [Heptagenia] typus nominis Dictyosiphlon syn.subj. needhami [Murphyella]

needhami Lestage 1930 [Murphyella] ,//,

needhami Navas 1936 [Metamonius] syn.obj. needhami [Murphyella]