(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna pm.Tridentiseta
Ameletus/fg1 - Metreletus)

Nomen hierarchicum: Metreletus/g(1) [g:1951]

In circumscription fits:

gen. Metreletus Demoulin 1951: 10

Metreletus/g(1): Kluge 2004: 81

References. Demoulin 1951: ; 1952c: ; Ujhelyi 1960: ; Studemann & Landolt & Tomka 1988: ; Kluge 2004: ; Kluge 2007: * * *.

Characters of Metreletus of unclear phylogenetic status.

(1) In cubital field of fore wing, veins, which go from CuA to wing margin [see Anteritorna (1)], are more or less substituted by one or two intercalaries (Demoulin 1951: Fig.1a-e,11a-d; 1952c: Fig.4; Ujhelyi 1960: Fig.5; Kluge 2007: Fig.4). Non-unique apomorphy (see Index of characters [2.2.52]).

(2) Larval claw on its inner side, besides irregular small denticles near base, has one row of greater denticles (Demoulin 1951: Fig.6b-d) (this character is known for balcanicus [M.] only, while leg structure of micus [A.] is unknown). The same in some Bidentiseta and others (see Index of characters [1.2.21]); probably non-unique autapomorphy.

(3) Imaginal penis has ventral plates [see Ameletus/fg1 (6)] very long and blunt (this is reliably known for balcanicus [Metretopus] only); on larval protopenis, each lobe has a prominent ventral plate separated by incision from lateral lobe (Kluge 2007: Fig.1-2) (unlike larval Ameletus, whose ventral plates are not separated from lateral lobes Kluge 2007: Fig.10, Fig.21).

(4) Labrum has a deep apical incision (Kluge 2007: Fig.3) (unlike Ameletus, whose labrum has a shallow apical incision).

Plesiomorphy of Metreletus (unlike Ameletus/fg2). Glossae are not truncate, apically-ventrally with numerous irregular pointed setae (Kluge 2004: Fig.20:D) (this character is known for balcanicus [M.] only, while labium structure of micus [A.] is unknown).

Size. Fore wing length 714 mm.

Distribution. Palaearctic.

Nominal species in Metreletus/g(1):

balcanicus Ulmer 1920 [Metretopus] ,,/

goetghebuergi Lestage 1938 [Metretopus] typus nominis Metreletus syn.subj. balcanicus [Metretopus]

hessei Fizaine 1931 [Ameletus] syn.subj. balcanicus [Metretopus]

hungaricus Ujhelyi 1960 [Metreletus] syn.subj. balcanicus [Metretopus]

micus Bajkova 1976 [Ameletus] /

omelkoi Tiunova 2012 [Metreletus]