(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna Bidentiseta Furcatergaliae  
Ephemerella/fg1 Pantricorythi Tricoryptera Leptohyphes/fg1 - Leptohyphes/fg2)

Nomen hierarchicum: Leptohyphes/fg2 [f:1954; g:1882] (sine Allenhyphes, Tricorythodes, Tricorythopsis)

In circumscription fits:

gen. Leptohyphes: Kluge 1992c: 6

Leptohyphes/fg2: Kluge 2004: 335

Synonym: subjective synonyms of Leptohyphes/fg (typus eximius [L.]) is Bruchella/g [g:1920] (typus nigra [B.]) (subjective synonymy: eximius [L.] = nigra [B.])

References. Kluge 1992c: ; Hofmann & Sartori & Tomas 1999: ; Baumgardner & McCafferty 2000 (L. zalope): ; Wiersema & McCafferty 2000: ; Molineri 2003a: ; Kluge 2004: * * *

Autapomorphies of Leptohyphes/fg2.

(1) Costal flap of ventral lobe of gill operculum [see Leptohyphes/fg1 (1)] is reduced to a spine-like process reaching base of the next tergalius only (Kluge 2004: Fig.101:DE).

(2) In imago and subimago [shortly-moulting see Tricoryptera (7)] lateropostnotal crest is either lost, or sharply curved toward anterior margin of lateropostnotum (Kluge 2004: Fig.102:B). In other Ephemerella/fg1 lateropostnotal crest is more straight and looks as a continuation of infrascutellar-lateropostnotal arm (Kluge 2004: Fig.97:D, 104:B).

Plesiomorphies of Leptohyphes/fg2. Unlike Allenhyphes and Tricorythodes, ventral lobe of tergalii III-V retains processes in a form of one or several lamellae arising ventrally near base [see Leptohyphes/fg1 (1)] (Kluge 2004: Fig.101:FH). Unlike Haplohyphes, mouth apparatus is non-specialized, maxilla [see Ephemerella/fg1 (16)] with 3 canines and 2 dentisetae [see Bidentiseta (1)] (Kluge 1992c: Fig.2).

In imago and subimago: Scuto-lateropostnotal muscle of metathorax is not so large as in Tricorythodes [while transverse interscutal suture is present see Leptohyphes/fg1 (4)]; correspondingly, posterior scutal protuberances do not convergent posteriorly (can be divergent or parallel Kluge 2004: Fig.102:A), lateropostnotum [see (2)] is not fused with epimeron, and is separated by epimeron from coxal conjunctiva (Kluge 2004: Fig.102:B). Lateroparapsidal suture somewhat retains curvation initial for Ephemerella/fg1 [see Leptohyphes/fg1 (4)], merging with transverse interscutal suture laterad of medioparapsidal suture (Kluge 2004: Fig.102:A). Hind wings [of peculiar structure see Leptohyphes/fg1 (2)] are present at least in male; in female they are either present, or lost; metathoracic wing muscles S.ESm and MTm are retained even in female which have no hind wings (Kluge 2004: Fig.102:CD). 1st tarsal segment is short and fused with tibia. Gonostylus is 3-segmented, i.e. with distal segment [short see Pantricorythi (2)] distinguishable at least in imago.

Size. Fore wing length 48 mm (see Tricoryptera).

Distribution. Neotropical and south of Nearctic Regions.

Nominal species in Leptohyphes/fg2:  

airuoca Nascimento & Molineri & Salles 2014 [Leptohyphes]

albipennis Molineri & Zuniga 2006 [Leptohyphes]

albus Mayo 1968 [Leptohyphes] syn.subj. tacajalo [Leptohyphes]

apache Allen 1967 [Leptohyphes]

bruchi Navás 1913 [Leptohyphes] syn.subj. eximius [Leptohyphes]

carinus Allen 1973 [Leptohyphes]

coconuco Molineri & Zuniga 2006 [Leptohyphes]

comatus Allen 1967 [Leptohyphes]

cornutus Allen 1967 [Leptohyphes]

echinatus Allen & Roback 1969 [Leptohyphes] syn.subj. setosus [Leptohyphes]

ecuador Mayo 1968 [Leptohyphes]

eximius Eaton 1882 [Leptohyphes] /,///

ferruginus Allen & Brusca 1973 [Leptohyphes]

guadeloupensis Hofmann & Sartori (in Hofmann & Sartori & Thomas) 1999 [Leptohyphes]

hirsutus Allen & Roback 1969 [Leptohyphes]

hispidus Allen & Brusca 1973 [Leptohyphes] syn.subj. apache [Leptohyphes]

illiesi Allen 1967 [Leptohyphes]

invictus Allen 1973 [Leptohyphes]

jodiannae Allen 1967 [Leptohyphes]

kukenan Molineri & Derka 2020 [Leptohyphes]

liniti Wang & Sites & McCafferty 1998 [Leptohyphes] ?-/

lumas Allen & Brusca 1973 [Leptohyphes] syn.subj. apache [Leptohyphes]

maculatus Allen 1967 [Leptohyphes]

mandibulus Baumgardner 2007 [Leptohyphes]

mollipes Needham & Murphy 1924 [Leptohyphes]

myllonotus Allen & Roback 1969 [Leptohyphes]  

nebulosus Nascimento & Molineri & Salles 2014 [Leptohyphes]

nigra Navás 1920 [Bruchella] syn.subj. eximius [Leptohyphes]

nigripennis Molineri & Zuniga 2006 [Leptohyphes]

nigripunctum Traver 1943 [Leptohyphes]

pereirae Da-Silva 1993 [Leptohyphes] syn.subj. plaumanni [Leptohyphes]

peterseni Ulmer 1920 [Leptohyphes]

petersi Allen 1967 [Leptohyphes]

piraticus Allen 1978 [Leptohyphes] syn.subj. ferruginus [Leptohyphes]

plaumanni Allen 1967 [Leptohyphes]

populus Allen 1973 [Leptohyphes]

setosus Allen 1967 [Leptohyphes]

succinus Allen 1978 [Leptohyphes] syn.subj. apache [Leptohyphes]

tacajalo Mayo 1968 [Leptohyphes]

tuberculatus Allen 1967 [Leptohyphes]

zalope Traver 1958 [Leptohyphes] ,

zelus Allen 1978 [Leptohyphes] syn.subj. zalope [Leptohyphes]

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