(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna Bidentiseta Branchitergaliae
Heptagennota Pentamerotarsata Radulapalpata  Rhithrogena/fg1  
BleptusEpeorus/fg2 - Ironodes)

Nomen hierarchicum: Ironodes/g(1) [g:1935]

In circumscription fits:

subgen. Ironodes: Kluge 1988: 308

gen. Ironodes Traver 1935: 32

Ironodes/g(1): Kluge 2004: 202

References. Traver 1935: * *; Needham & Traver & Hsu 1935: * *; Day 1952: '; Edmunds & Jensen & Berner 1976: * *; Tshernova 1976: *; Kluge 1988: *; 2004: * *.

Autapomorphies of Ironodes.

(1) Tergalius VII lacks fibrillose lobe [see Branchitergaliae (3)]. Non-unique apomorphy; among Radulapalpata the same in some Heptagenia/f5=g4 and some Cinygmula.

(2) Titillators [see Pentamerotarsata (5)] are lost. Non-unique apomorphy; among Epeorus/fg1 the same in Bleptus and some Epeorus/fg3 (see Index of characters [2.3.15]).

Character of Ironodes of unclear phylogenetic status. 

(3) Superlinguae diverge toward apex (Kluge 1988: Fig.29). The same in Bleptus (ibid.: Fig.96). Probably, this is a symplesiomorphy of Bleptus and Ironodes within Epeorus/fg1, but in this case similarity of Rhithrogena/fg2 and Epeorus/fg3 (whose superlinguae are widest in middle part and convergent toward apex) can be explained only as a convergention. Possibly, vice verse, convergention is the similarity of Bleptus and Ironodes, while similarity of Rhithrogena/fg2 and Epeorus/fg3 is a symplesiomorphy within Rhithrogena/fg1.

Plesiomorphies of Ironodes. Mandible is longer than in Epeorus/fg2, with incisor and kinetodontium slender. Maxilla is long [see Radulapalpata (3)], apical margin bears long hairs and vestiges of pectinate setae [see Epeorus/fg1 (5)], canines are not thickened (Kluge 1988: Fig.3435) (symplesiomorphy with Bleptus, unlike Epeorus/fg3). Larval cerci have no dorsal hairs (unlike Epeorus/fg3).

Size. Fore wing length 814 mm. 

Distribution. Western Nearctic.

Nominal species in Ironodes/g(1): 

arctus Traver 1935 [Ironodes]

californicus Banks 1910 [Heptagenia (Epeorus)]

flavipennis Traver 1935 [Ironodes]

geminatum Eaton 1885 [Cinygma]

lepidus Traver 1935 [Ironodes]

nitidus Eaton 1885 [Iron] typus nominis Ironodes

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