(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna Bidentiseta Furcatergaliae  
Fimbriatotergaliae Euthyplocia/fg1 Exeuthyplocia/fg1 - Exeuthyplocia/fg2)

Nomen hierarchicum: Exeuthyplocia/fg2 [f:1980; g:1918] (sine Afroplocia

In circumscription fits:

gen. Exeuthyplocia: Lestage 1918: 74

Exeuthyplocia/fg2: Kluge 2004: 232

References. Ulmer 1916 (Euthyplocia minima): ; Lestage 1918: ; Demoulin 1952e: ; Hideux 1987: ; Gillies 1980a: ; Kluge 2004: .

Autapomorphies of Exeuthyplocia/fg2.

(1) In imago of both sexes hind leg [non-functional see Exeuthyplocia/fg1 (1)] is strongly reduced, being composed only of coxa, trochanter and very short pointed vestige of femur (at the same time all segments of middle leg are retained, though very weak). Unique apomorphy: in other short-living mayflies middle and hind legs, if reduced (in Campsurus/fg2 and others), are reduced in the same degree.

(2) On middle leg of male imago and on fore and middle leg of female imago [see (1)] claws are vestigial and blunt. Non-unique apomorphy (see Index of characters [2.2.85]).

Size. Fore wing length 617 mm. 

Distribution. Afrotropical Region.

Nominal species in Exeuthyplocia/fg2: 1 species

minima Ulmer 1916 [Euthyplocia] ,/,?