(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna Bidentiseta Branchitergaliae
Heptagennota Pentamerotarsata Radulapalpata  Rhithrogena/fg1  
BleptusEpeorus/fg2IronodesEpeorus/fg3 - Epeorus/fg4)

Nomen hierarchicum: Epeorus/fg4 [f:2004; g:1881] (sine Proepeorus, Belovius, Iron)

In circumscription fits:

— Epeorus/fg4: Kluge 2004: 204

References. Grandi 1960 (Epeorus assimilis, E. torrentium): ; – Berthelemy & Thomas 1967: ; – Kluge 2004: * * *.

Autapomorphy of Epeorus/fg4.

(1) Penis has characteristic structure: titillators [see Pentamerotarsata (5)] are lost; left and right penis lobes are immobile fused basally and divergent apically. Among Epeorus/fg3 titillators are lost also in Ironopsis/g2 and some Belovius/g1 (see Index of characters [2.3.15]).

Plesiomorphies of Epeorus/fg4. Tergalius I [see Epeorus/fg2 (1)] is widened not so strongly as in majority of Iron/g1; tergalii II–VII have anal rib on anal margin (unlike Belovius/g1); tergalius VII without longitudinal fold (unlike Iron/g1), only with smooth longitudinal concavity, which is not enough to allow tergalius to turn under abdomen.

Size. Fore wing length 12–18 mm.

Distribution. Palaearctic and Oriental Region.

Nominal species in Epeorus/fg4:

 aculeatus Braasch 1990 [Epeorus] //

 assimilis Eaton 1885 [Epeorus]

 bernardezi Navás 1924 [Epeorus] — syn.subj. torrentium [Epeorus]

 bifurcatus Braasch & Soldán 1979 [Epeorus]

bispinosus Braasch 1980 [Epeorus] --/

 geminus Eaton 1885 [Epeorus] — syn.subj. sylvicola [Baetis]

 gilliesi Braasch 1981 [Epeorus] -, --

 hieroglyphicus Braasch & Soldán 1984 [Epeorus]

melli Ulmer 1925 [Thalerosphyrus]

 petersi Sivaruban & Venkataraman & Sivaramakrishnan (in Sivaruban & Barathy & Arunchalam & Venkataraman & Sivaramakrishnan) 2013 [Epeorus] — syn.subj. gilliesi [Epeorus]

sylvicola Pictet 1865 [Baetis] ,,/

 torrentium Eaton 1881 [Epeorus]

 zaitzevi Tshernova 1981 [Epeorus] --/

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