(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna Bidentiseta Branchitergaliae
Heptagennota Pentamerotarsata Radulapalpata 
Epeorus/fg1Rhithrogena/fg2 - Cinygmula)

Nomen hierarchicum: Cinygmula/g1 [g:1933] (incl. Ororotsia

In circumscription fits:

subgen. Cinygmula: Kluge 1983b:16 (Abstract); 1988:305

gen. Cinygmula McDunnough 1933: 75

Cinygmula/g1: Kluge 2004: 192

Nominal taxon included: Ororotsia/g [g:1939]

References. McDunnough 1933: *; Needham & Traver & Hsu 1935: * *; Tshernova 1974: *; 1976: *; Edmunds & Jensen & Berner 1976: * *; Kluge 1988: *; 1993: *; 2004: * * *.

Autapomorphy of Cinygmula.

(1) Larval caudalii have no swimming setae [see Pentamerotarsata (6)] (unlike Rhithrogena/fg3, where primary swimming setae are retained). When swimming, larvae of Cinygmula make the same dosoventral movements by abdomen, as larvae with developed swimming setae [see Rhithrogena/fg2 (1)]; thus, loss of primary swimming setae is not connected with adaptation. Non-unique apomorphy (see Index of characters [1.3.66]).

Characters of Cinygmula of unclear phylogenetic status.

(2) Fibrillose portions of tergalii [see Branchitergaliae (3)] are diminished or lost (unlike Rhithrogena/fg3, where they are always large). Non-unique apomorphy (see Index of characters [1.3.25]).

Plesiomorphies of Cinygmula (unlike Rhithrogena/fg3). On 2nd+3rd segment of maxillary palp scraping setae have no denticles, occupy about 1/2 palp length only (Kluge 2004: Fig.62:A).

Larval and adult patella-tibial suture is developed on middle and hind legs only (unlike larval Rhithrogena/fg3). Tergalii do not form sucking disc (while in some species tergalius I is markedly widened anteriorly). Costal and anal ribs of tergalii are situated on costal and anal margin correspondingly [see Branchitergaliae (3)] (only on tergalius I costal rib can be reduced). Subimago without non-concave pigmented area behind apex of lateroparapsidal suture (Kluge 2004: Fig.63:A). Penis has median titillators [see Rhithrogena/fg2 (4) and Pentamerotarsata (5)].

Variable characters of Cinygmula. Imaginal and subimaginal claws are usually ephemeropteroid, but in hutchinsoni [O.] pointed (see Variable characters of Heptagennota and Index of characters [2.2.85]). Gonostyli usually have 2 apical segments, but in tetramera [C.] they have 3 apical segments.

Size. Fore wing length 714 mm.

Distribution. Amphipacific Sector of Holarctic: Eastern Palaearctic and Nearctic; dominate in Eastern Palaearctic and Western Nearctic.

Nominal species in Cinygmula/g1:

adusta Imanishi 1935 [Cinygma]

altaica Tshernova 1949 [Cinygmula] syn.subj. cavum [Cinygma]

 andrianovae Tshernova & Belov 1982 [Cinygmula] syn.subj. malaisei [Cinygma]

 atlantica McDunnough 1924 [Cinygma] syn.subj. subaequalis [Heptagenia]

 autumnalis Tiunova & Gorovaya 2012 [Cinygmula]

 brunnea Tiunova 1990 [Cinygmula] ,,

 cavum Ulmer 1927 [Cinygma] --/

 confusa McDunnough 1924 [Cinygma] syn.subj. par [Cinygma]

 dorsalis Imanishi 1935 [Cinygma]

gartrelli McDunnough 1934 [Cinygmula]

 grandifolia Tshernova 1952 [Cinygmula] syn.subj. sapporensis [Siphlurus]

guentheri Braasch 1979 [Cinygmula syn.subj. cavum [Cinygma]

hirasana Imanishi 1935 [Cinygma] --/

 hutchinsoni Traver 1939 [Ororotsia] typus nominis Ororotsia --/

 hyalina McDunnough 1924 [Cinygma] syn.subj. par [Cinygma]

 inermis Braasch 1983 [Cinygmula]

 irina Tshernova & Belov 1982 [Cinygmula]

 joosti Braasch 1977 [Cinygmula] --/

 kaszabi Landa & Soldán 1983 [Cinygmula] syn.subj. kurenzovi [Cinygma]

 kootenai McDunnough 1943 [Cinygmula]

 kurenzovi Bajkova 1965 [Cinygma] --/

 latifrons Tshernova & Belov 1982 [Cinygmula] syn.subj. hirasana [Cinygmula]

 levanidovi Tshernova & Belov 1982 [Cinygmula] --/

 malaisei Ulmer 1927 [Cinygma]

mimus Eaton 1885 [Cinygma]

 minuta Braasch 1980 [Cinygmula]

oreophila Kustareva 1978 [Cinygmula] syn.subj. joosti [Cinygmula]

 par Eaton 1885 [Cinygma] ,-

 picta Braasch & Soldán 1979 [Cinygmula] ?syn.subj. joosti [Cinygmula]

 putoranica Kluge 1980 [Cinygmula] --/

 quadripunctata Braasch & Soldán 1980 [Cinygmula] ?syn.subj. joosti [Cinygmula]

 ramaleyi Dodds 1923 [Ecdyonurus] typus nominis Cinygmula

 reticulata McDunnough 1934 [Cinygmula]

 rougemonti Braasch & Soldán 1987 [Cinygmula] ?syn.subj. joosti [Cinygmula]

 sapporensis Matsumura 1904 [Siphlurus] --/

 spinosa Tshernova & Belov 1982 [Cinygmula] syn.subj. levanidovi [Cinygmula]

 subaequalis Banks 1914 [Heptagenia]

 tarda McDunnough 1929 [Cinygma]

 tetramera Tiunova & Gorovaya 2013 [Cinygmula]

 tioga Mayo 1952 [Cinygmula]

tollandi Dodds 1923 [Iron] syn.subj. ramaleyi [Ecdyonurus]

unicolorata Tshernova 1979 [Cinygmula]

uniformis McDunnough 1934 [Cinygmula]

uyka Gorovaya & Tiunova 2013 [Cinygmula]

 vernalis Imanishi 1935 [Cinygma]

 zimmermanni Braasch 1977 [Cinygmula] ?syn.subj. joosti [Cinygmula]

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