(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna Bidentiseta Furcatergaliae  
Cincticostella/g1 - Cincticostella/g2)

Nomen hierarchicum: Cincticostella/g2 [g:1971] (sine Notacanthella; incl. Ephacerella)

In circumscription fits:

 Cincticostella/g2: Kluge 2004: 306

References. Kluge 2004: * * *

Autapomorphy of Cincticostella/g2.

(1) The most ventral maxillary canine [basally separated by a deep impression see Cincticostella/g1 (1)] is not projected medially, but widened and flattened in such a manner that projects apically; its ventral margin is denticulate (sometimes translucent and poorly visible on background of apical setae); two other maxillary canines are diminished (Kluge 2004: Fig.92:H) or lost. Unique apomorphy. Generally, maxilla is specialized as filtering: apical margin is more or less widened, the apical setal field is enlarged, with setae long (Kang & Yang 1995: Fig.3C,4E). Similar filtering specialization of maxillae independently appeared in Torleya/g1-Uracanthella, but without such widening of ventral canine and without impression at its base (Kluge 2004: Fig.93:B,D).

Size. Fore wing length 616 mm.

Distribution. Eastern Asia.

The taxon Cincticostella/g2 is divided into:

1. plesiomorphon Ephacerella

2. Cincticostella/g3
2.1. plesiomorphon Cincticostella/g4

2.2. Rhionella