(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Posteritorna  
Baetisca/f2=g1 Baetisca/f3=g2 - Baetisca/f4=g3)

Nomen hierarchicum: Baetisca/f4=g3 [f:1900; g:1862] (sine Fascioculus).

In circumscription fits:

subgen. Baetisca s.str.: Pescador & Berner 1981: 169

Baetisca/f4=g3: Kluge 2004: 69

References. Pescador & Berner 1981: * *; Kluge 2004: * * *.

Autapomorphy of Baetisca/f4=g3.

(1) Mature larva has a pair of frontal projections between antennae bases ventrad of lateral ocelli (Pescador & Peters 1974: Fig.15:I-J); in different species these projections have form from small protuberances to large denticles (Pescador & Berner 1981: Fig.10-12a,13-14), but are absent in young larvae (Pescador & Peters 1974: Fig.10-11).

Character of Baetisca/f4=g3 of unclear phylogenetic status.

(2) Larval notal shield [see Baetisca/f3=g2 (4)] is strongly convex (unlike Fascioculus).

Plesiomorphy of Baetisca/f4=g3. Unlike Fascioculus, eyes are uniformly coloured.

Size. Fore wing length 616 mm.

Distribution. Nearctic (dominate in Eastern Nearctic).

Nominal species in Baetisca/f4=g3:

 bajkovi Neave 1934 [Baetisca] syn.subj. lacustris [Baetisca]

 becki Schneider & Berner 1963 [Baetisca]

 berneri Tarter & Kirchner 1978 [Baetisca]

 callosa Traver 1931 [Baetisca]

 carolina Traver 1931 [Baetisca]

 columbiana Edmunds 1960 [Baetisca]

 gibbera Berner 1955 [Baetisca]

 lacustris McDunnough 1932 [Baetisca]

 laurentina McDunnough 1932 [Baetisca]

 obesa Say 1839 [Baetis] typus nominis Baetisca

 rogersi Berner 1940 [Baetisca] --

 rubescens Provancher 1878 [Cloe]

 thomsenae Traver 1937 [Baetisca] syn.subj. carolina [Baetisca]