(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna Bidentiseta Furcatergaliae  
Hyrtanella/f1-Torleya/g1 Teloganopsis/g1 - Amurella)

Nomen hierarchicum: Amurella/g(1) [g:1997]

In circumscription fits:

subgen. Amurella Kluge 1997a: 235

Amurella/g(1): Kluge 2004: 315

Nominal taxon included: Penelomax/g [g:2008]

References. Tshernova 1952 (Ephemerella gracilis): ; Kluge 1997a: ; Kluge 2004: * * *

Autapomorphy of Amurella.

(1) Larval abdominal terga have unpaired median projections on posterior margin (Tshernova 1952: Fig.82). In other Ephemerella/fg2 abdominal terga either have paired submedian projections, or lack projections [see Ephemerella/fg1 (19)]; unpaired projections are present also in some Tricorythus/fg1 and some other Ephemeroptera (see Index of characters [1.3.3]).

Plesiomorphies of Amurella. Unlike Teloganopsis and Hyrtanella/f2=Crinitella/g1, hind wing without prominent costal projection and with Sc terminating near apex (as in all other Ephemerella/fg2). Unlike Uracanthella, maxilla retains biting structure with well-developed canines.

Size. Fore wing length 510 mm.

Distribution. East Palaearctic and Nearctic.

Nominal species in Amurella/g(1): 

 gracilis Tshernova 1952 [Ephemerella] typus nominis Amurella ,/

 septentrionalis McDunnough 1925 [Ephemerella] typus nominis Penelomax  

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