(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna Bidentiseta Branchitergaliae
Heptagennota Pentamerotarsata Radulapalpata Heptagenia/f5=g4 
Ecdyonurus/fg1 Atopopus/fg1 - Afronurus/g1)

Nomen hierarchicum: Afronurus/fg1 [f:2007; g:1924] (incl. Cinygmina)

In circumscription fits:

Afronurus/g1: Kluge 2004: 184

Nominal taxon included: Cinygmina/g [g:1937]

References. Koss & Edmunds 1974: *; Kluge 2004: * * * *

Autapomorphies of Afronurus/fg1.

(1) Median titillators of penis [see Pentamerotarsata (5)] are reduced: they are either widely separated and diminished (in assamensis [C.], yoshidae [E.], levis [E.]), or completely lost. This apomorphy is non-unique among Pentamerotarsata, but does not occur in other Heptagenia/f5=g4 (which have median titillators well-developed and contiguous medially).

(2) Egg [bearing small anchors see Branchitergaliae (4)] on equator bears several additional anchors of another structure: the additional anchor is many times larger than a usual anchor, and in coiled condition represents a flat spiral (Koss & Edmunds 1974: Fig.9495; Kopelke 1980: Fig.2629; Flowers & Pescador 1984: Fig.1112; Kang & Yang 1994: Fig.1718). Unique apomorphy.

Among Afronurus/g1 such additional anchors are present not in all species: among species examined, they are present in levis [E.], spp. cf. assamensis [C.] and peringueyi [E.]; are reported for chihpenensis [A.], hyalinus [E.], philippinensis [A.] and viridis [E.]; but these additional anchors are absent in abracadabrus [E.] (at the same time abracadabrus [E.] is attributed to Afronurus/fg1 on the base of great similarity with levis [E.] in larval structure).

Size. Fore wing length 713 mm.

Distribution. Africa and Asia. Possibly in Miocene was distributed in Europe as well, i.e. had Arctogean distribution (see Pseudokageronia in Ecdyonurus/fg1 INCERTAE SEDIS)

Nominal species in Afronurus/fg1:

abracadabrus Kluge 1983 [Ecdyonurus] --/

aethereus Navás 1936 [Ecdyonurus]

 alces Braasch & Jacobus 2011 [Afronurus]

assamensis Kimmins 1937 [Cinygmina] typus nominis Cinygmina //,/

barnardi Schoonbee 1968 [Afronurus] --/

cervina Braasch & Soldán 1984 [Cinygmina]

chihpenensis Kang & Yang 1994 [Afronurus]

collarti Navás 1930 [Adenophlebia]

dama Braasch & Soldán 1987 [Cinygmina]

drepanophyllus Zhang & Lei & Li & Zhou 2021 [Afronurus]

elgonensis Puthz 1971 [Afronurus]

floreus Kang & Yang 1994 [Afronurus]

 freitagi Braasch 2011 [Afronurus]

furcata Zhou & Zheng 2003 [Cinygmina]

gilliesi Corbet 1962 [Afronurus]

hainanensis She & Gui & You 1995 [Cinygmina] syn.subj. rubromaculata [Cinygmina]

harrisoni Barnard 1932 [Afronurus]

hunanensis Zhang & Cai 1991 [Cinygmina]

hyalinus Ulmer 1912 [Ecdyurus]

japonicus Ueno 1928 [Ecdyonurus] syn.subj. yoshidae [Ecdyonurus]

keralensis Braasch & Soldán 1987 [Cinygmina]

kumbakkaraiensis Venkataraman & Sivaramakrishnan 1989 [Cinygmina] --/

landai Braasch & Soldán 1984 [Cinygmina]

 lantuyanensis Braasch 2011 [Afronurus]

levis Navás 1912 [Epeorus] --/

leytenensis Braasch 2011 [Afronurus]

 malaysianus Braasch 2005 [Afronurus]

mindanaoensis Braasch 2011 [Afronurus]

 mindoroensis Braasch 2005 [Afronurus]

muehlenbergi Puthz 1971 [Afronurus]

namnaoensis Braasch & Boonsoong 2010 [Afronurus]

nanhuensis Kang & Yang1994 [Afronurus]

negi Corbet 1960 [Afronurus]

obliquistriata You & Tian & Hong & Hsu 1981 [Cinygmina]

oliffi Schoonbee 1968 [Afronurus]

 otus Braasch & Jacobus 2011 [Afronurus]

 panayensis Braasch 2011 [Afronurus]

peringueyi Esben-Petersen 1913 [Ecdyonurus] typus nominis Afronurus /

philippinensis Flowers & Pescador 1984 [Afronurus]

pulcher Ulmer 1930 [Afronurus] syn.subj. collarti [Adenophlebia]

rangifera Braasch & Soldán 1987 [Cinygmina]

rubromaculata You & Wu & Gui & Hsu 1981 [Cinygmina] --/

  sarawakensis Braasch 2011 [Afronurus]

scotti Schoonbee 1968 [Afronurus]

subflavus Kopelke 1980 [Afronurus]

ugandanus Kimmins 1956 [Afronurus]

viridis Matsumura 1931 [Heptagenia]

 webbi Braasch 2011 [Afronurus]

yixingensis Wu & You 1986 [Cinygmina]

yoshidae Takahashi 1924 [Ecdyonurus] ,

zachvatkini Tshernova 1952 [Cinygmula] syn.subj. levis [Epeorus]

Examined also:

 sp. (Thailand) --/

spp. (Africa)

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